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// -*- mode:objc -*-
// $Id: PseudoTerminal.h,v 1.62 2009-02-06 15:07:24 delx Exp $
** PseudoTerminal.h
** Copyright (c) 2002, 2003
** Author: Fabian, Ujwal S. Setlur
** Initial code by Kiichi Kusama
** Project: iTerm
** Description: Session and window controller for iTerm.
** This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
** Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "PTYTabView.h"
#import "PTYWindow.h"
#import "ProfileListView.h"
#import "WindowControllerInterface.h"
#import "PasteboardHistory.h"
#import "Autocomplete.h"
#import "ToolbeltView.h"
#import "SolidColorView.h"
@class PTYSession, iTermController, PTToolbarController, PSMTabBarControl;
@class ToolbeltView;
typedef enum {
} BroadcastMode;
// The BottomBar's view is of this class. It overrides drawing the background.
@interface BottomBarView : NSView
- (void)drawRect:(NSRect)dirtyRect;
@class TmuxController;
// This class is 1:1 with windows. It controls the tabs, bottombar, toolbar,
// fullscreen, and coordinates resizing of sessions (either session-initiated
// or window-initiated).
// OS 10.5 doesn't support window delegates
@interface PseudoTerminal : NSWindowController <
WindowControllerInterface >
NSPoint preferredOrigin_;
SolidColorView* background_;
// Parameter Panel
// A bookmark may have metasyntactic variables like $$FOO$$ in the command.
// When opening such a bookmark, pop up a sheet and ask the user to fill in
// the value. These fields belong to that sheet.
IBOutlet NSTextField *parameterName;
IBOutlet NSPanel *parameterPanel;
IBOutlet NSTextField *parameterValue;
IBOutlet NSTextField *parameterPrompt;
// BottomBar
// UI elements for searching the current session.
// This contains all the other elements.
IBOutlet BottomBarView* instantReplaySubview;
// Contains only bottomBarSubview. For whatever reason, adding the BottomBarView
// directly to the window doesn't work.
NSView* bottomBar;
// Tab View
// The tabview occupies almost the entire window. Each tab has an identifier
// which is a PTYSession.
// This is a sometimes-visible control that shows the tabs and lets the user
// change which is visible.
PSMTabBarControl *tabBarControl;
NSView* tabBarBackground;
// This is either 0 or 1. If 1, then a tab item is in the process of being
// added and the tabBarControl will be shown if it is added successfully
// if it's not currently shown.
int tabViewItemsBeingAdded;
// Toolbar
// A toolbar may be shown at the top of the window.
// This does the dirty work of running the toolbar.
PTToolbarController* _toolbarController;
// A text field into which you may type a command. When you press enter in it
// then the text is sent to the terminal.
IBOutlet id commandField;
// Miscellaneous
// Is the transparency setting respected?
BOOL useTransparency_;
// Is this a full screenw indow?
BOOL _fullScreen;
// When you enter full-screen mode the old frame size is saved here. When
// full-screen mode is exited that frame is restored.
NSRect oldFrame_;
// When you enter fullscreen mode, the old use transparency setting is
// saved, and then restored when you exit FS unless it was changed
// by the user.
BOOL oldUseTransparency_;
BOOL restoreUseTransparency_;
// True if an [init...] method was called.
BOOL windowInited;
// How input should be broadcast (or not).
BroadcastMode broadcastMode_;
// True if the window title is showing transient information (such as the
// size during resizing).
BOOL tempTitle;
// When sending input to all sessions we temporarily change the background
// color. This stores the normal background color so we can restore to it.
NSColor *normalBackgroundColor;
// This prevents recursive resizing.
BOOL _resizeInProgressFlag;
// There is a scheme for saving window positions. Each window is assigned
// a number, and the positions are stored by window name. The window name
// includes its unique number. framePos gives this window's number.
int framePos;
// This is set while toggling full screen. It prevents windowDidResignMain
// from trying to exit fullscreen mode in the midst of toggling it.
BOOL togglingFullScreen_;
// True while entering lion fullscreen (the animation is going on)
BOOL togglingLionFullScreen_;
// Instant Replay widgets.
IBOutlet NSSlider* irSlider;
IBOutlet NSTextField* earliestTime;
IBOutlet NSTextField* latestTime;
IBOutlet NSTextField* currentTime;
PasteboardHistoryWindowController* pbHistoryView;
AutocompleteView* autocompleteView;
// True if preBottomBarFrame is valid.
BOOL pbbfValid;
NSTimer* fullScreenTabviewTimer_;
// This is a hack to support old applescript code that set the window size
// before adding a session to it, which doesn't really make sense now that
// textviews and windows are loosely coupled.
int nextSessionRows_;
int nextSessionColumns_;
BOOL tempDisableProgressIndicators_;
int windowType_;
BOOL isHotKeyWindow_;
BOOL haveScreenPreference_;
int screenNumber_;
BOOL isOrderedOut_;
// Window number, used for keyboard shortcut to select a window.
// This value is 0-based while the UI is 1-based.
int number_;
// True if this window was created by dragging a tab from another window.
// Affects how its size is set when the number of tabview items changes.
BOOL wasDraggedFromAnotherWindow_;
BOOL fullscreenTabs_;
// In the process of zooming in Lion or later.
BOOL zooming_;
// Time since 1970 of last window resize
double lastResizeTime_;
BOOL temporarilyShowingTabs_;
NSMutableSet *broadcastViewIds_;
NSTimeInterval findCursorStartTime_;
// Accumulated pinch magnification amount.
double cumulativeMag_;
// Time of last magnification change.
NSTimeInterval lastMagChangeTime_;
// In 10.7 style full screen mode
BOOL lionFullScreen_;
// Drawer view, which only exists for window_type normal.
NSDrawer *drawer_;
// Toolbelt view which goes in the drawer, or perhaps other places in the future.
ToolbeltView *toolbelt_;
IBOutlet NSPanel *coprocesssPanel_;
IBOutlet NSButton *coprocessOkButton_;
IBOutlet NSComboBox *coprocessCommand_;
NSDictionary *lastArrangement_;
BOOL wellFormed_;
BOOL exitingLionFullscreen_;
// If positive, then any window resizing that happens is driven by tmux and
// shoudn't be reported back to tmux as a user-originated resize.
int tmuxOriginatedResizeInProgress_;
BOOL liveResize_;
BOOL postponedTmuxTabLayoutChange_;
// A unique string for this window. Used for tmux to remember which window
// a tmux window should be opened in as a tab. A window restored from a
// saved arrangement will also restore its guid.
NSString *terminalGuid_;
// Recalls if this was a hide-after-opening window.
BOOL hideAfterOpening_;
// After dealloc starts, the restorable state should not be updated
// because the window's state is a shambles.
BOOL doNotSetRestorableState_;
+ (void)drawArrangementPreview:(NSDictionary*)terminalArrangement
screenFrames:(NSArray *)frames;
// Initialize a new PseudoTerminal.
// smartLayout: If true then position windows using the "smart layout"
// algorithm.
// screen: An index into [NSScreen screens], or -1 to let the system pick a
// screen.
- (id)initWithSmartLayout:(BOOL)smartLayout
- (id)initWithSmartLayout:(BOOL)smartLayout
- (PseudoTerminal *)terminalDraggedFromAnotherWindowAtPoint:(NSPoint)point;
// The window's original screen.
- (NSScreen*)screen;
- (void)setFrameValue:(NSValue *)value;
// The PTYWindow for this controller.
- (PTYWindow*)ptyWindow;
// Called on object deallocation.
- (void)dealloc;
// accessor for commandField.
- (id)commandField;
// Set the tab bar's look & feel
- (void)setTabBarStyle;
// Get term number
- (int)number;
// Returns true if the window is fullscreen in either Lion-style or pre-Lion-style fullscreen.
- (BOOL)anyFullScreen;
// Returns true if the window is in 10.7-style fullscreen.
- (BOOL)lionFullScreen;
// Fix the window frame for fullscreen, top, bottom windows.
- (void)canonicalizeWindowFrame;
// Make the tab at [sender tag] the foreground tab.
- (void)selectSessionAtIndexAction:(id)sender;
// Return the index of a tab or NSNotFound.
// This method is used, for example, in iTermExpose, where PTYTabs are shown
// side by side, and one needs to determine which index it has, so it can be
// selected when leaving iTerm expose.
- (NSInteger)indexOfTab:(PTYTab*)aTab;
- (NSString *)terminalGuid;
- (void)hideAfterOpening;
// Open a new tab with the bookmark given by the guid in
// [sender representedObject]. Used by menu items in the Bookmarks menu.
- (void)newSessionInTabAtIndex:(id)sender;
// Kill tmux window if applicable, or close a tab and resize/close the window if needed.
- (void)closeTab:(PTYTab*)aTab;
// If soft is true, don't kill tmux session. Otherwise is just like closeTab.
- (void)closeTab:(PTYTab *)aTab soft:(BOOL)soft;
// Close a tab and resize/close the window if needed.
- (void)removeTab:(PTYTab *)aTab;
// Get the window type
- (int)windowType;
// Close a session
- (void)closeSession:(PTYSession *)aSession;
// Close a session but don't kill the underlying window pane if it's a tmux session.
- (void)softCloseSession:(PTYSession *)aSession;
- (void)toggleFullScreenTabBar;
- (IBAction)toggleBroadcastingToCurrentSession:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)runCoprocess:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)stopCoprocess:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)coprocessPanelEnd:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)coprocessHelp:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)openSplitHorizontallySheet:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)openSplitVerticallySheet:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)openDashboard:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)findCursor:(id)sender;
- (void)futureInvalidateRestorableState;
// Close the active session.
- (IBAction)closeCurrentSession:(id)sender;
- (void)closeSessionWithConfirmation:(PTYSession *)aSession;
// Close foreground tab.
- (IBAction)closeCurrentTab:(id)sender;
// Save the current scroll position
- (IBAction)saveScrollPosition:(id)sender;
// Jump to the saved scroll position
- (IBAction)jumpToSavedScrollPosition:(id)sender;
// Is there a saved scroll position?
- (BOOL)hasSavedScrollPosition;
// Show paste history window.
- (IBAction)openPasteHistory:(id)sender;
// Show autocomplete window.
- (IBAction)openAutocomplete:(id)sender;
// Select the tab to the left of the foreground tab.
- (IBAction)previousTab:(id)sender;
// Select the tab to the right of the foreground tab.
- (IBAction)nextTab:(id)sender;
// Select the most recent pane
- (IBAction)previousPane:(id)sender;
// Select the least recently used pane
- (IBAction)nextPane:(id)sender;
// Return the number of sessions in this window.
- (int)numberOfTabs;
// Return the foreground tab
- (PTYTab*)currentTab;
// accessor for foreground session.
- (PTYSession *)currentSession;
// Set the window title to the name of the current session.
- (void)setWindowTitle;
// Set the window title to 'title'.
- (void)setWindowTitle:(NSString *)title;
// Is the window title transient?
- (BOOL)tempTitle;
// Set the window title to non-transient.
- (void)resetTempTitle;
// Sessions in the broadcast group.
- (NSArray *)broadcastSessions;
// Call writeTask: for each session's shell with the given data.
- (void)sendInputToAllSessions:(NSData *)data;
// Toggle whether transparency is allowed in this terminal.
- (IBAction)toggleUseTransparency:(id)sender;
- (BOOL)useTransparency;
// Turn full-screen mode on or off. Creates a new PseudoTerminal and moves this
// one's state into it.
- (IBAction)toggleFullScreenMode:(id)sender;
// Enter full screen mode in the next mainloop.
- (void)delayedEnterFullscreen;
// Toggle non-Lion fullscreen mode.
- (void)toggleTraditionalFullScreenMode;
// accessor
- (BOOL)fullScreen;
- (BOOL)fullScreenTabControl;
// Last time the window was resized.
- (NSDate *)lastResizeTime;
- (BOOL)tabBarShouldBeVisible;
- (BOOL)tabBarShouldBeVisibleWithAdditionalTabs:(int)n;
- (BOOL)scrollbarShouldBeVisible;
// Called by VT100Screen when it wants to resize a window for a
// session-initiated resize. It resizes the session, then the window, then all
// sessions to fit the new window size.
- (void)sessionInitiatedResize:(PTYSession*)session width:(int)width height:(int)height;
// Open the session preference panel.
- (void)editCurrentSession:(id)sender;
- (void)editSession:(PTYSession*)session;
// Construct the right-click context menu.
- (void)menuForEvent:(NSEvent *)theEvent menu:(NSMenu *)theMenu;
// setters
- (void)enableBlur:(double)radius;
- (void)disableBlur;
// Set the text color for a tab control's name.
- (void)setLabelColor:(NSColor *)color forTabViewItem:tabViewItem;
// Set background color for tab chrome.
- (void)setTabColor:(NSColor *)color forTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem*)tabViewItem;
- (NSColor*)tabColorForTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem*)tabViewItem;
// accessor
- (PTYTabView *)tabView;
// Are we in in IR?
- (BOOL)inInstantReplay;
// Toggle IR bar.
- (void)showHideInstantReplay;
// Move backward/forward in time by one frame.
- (void)irAdvance:(int)dir;
// Called when next/prev frame button is clicked.
- (IBAction)irButton:(id)sender;
// Can progress indicators be shown? They're turned off during animation of the tabbar.
- (BOOL)disableProgressIndicators;
// Does any session want to be prompted for closing?
- (BOOL)promptOnClose;
- (ToolbeltView *)toolbelt;
// NSTextField Delegate Methods
// Called when return or tab is pressed in the bottombar text field or the command
// field.
- (void)controlTextDidEndEditing:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// NSWindowController Delegate Methods
// Called when a window is unhidden.
- (void)windowDidDeminiaturize:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// The window is trying to close. Pop a dialog if necessary and return the
// disposition.
- (BOOL)windowShouldClose:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when the window closes. Gets our affairs in order.
- (void)windowWillClose:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when the window is hiding (cmd-h).
- (void)windowWillMiniaturize:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when this window becomes key.
// "A key window is the current focus for keyboard events (for example, it
// contains a text field the user is typing in)"
- (void)windowDidBecomeKey:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when this window ceases to be the key window.
- (void)windowDidResignKey:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when this window ceases to be the main window.
// "A main window is the primary focus of user actions for the application"
- (void)windowDidResignMain:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when a resize is inevitable. Wants to resize to proposedFrameSize.
// Returns an acceptable size which has a content size that is a multiple of the
// widest/tallest character.
- (NSSize)windowWillResize:(NSWindow *)sender toSize:(NSSize)proposedFrameSize;
// Called after a window resizes. Make sessions resize to fit.
- (void)windowDidResize:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Called when the toolbar is shown/hidden.
- (void)windowWillToggleToolbarVisibility:(id)sender;
// Called after the toolbar is shown/hidden. Adjusts window size.
- (void)windowDidToggleToolbarVisibility:(id)sender;
// Called when the green 'zoom' button in the top left of the window is pressed.
- (NSRect)windowWillUseStandardFrame:(NSWindow *)sender
// PTYWindow Delegate Methods
// Set the window's initial frame. Unofficial protocol.
- (void)windowWillShowInitial;
// Tab View Delegate Methods
// Called before a tab view item is selected.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView
willSelectTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called afer a tab is selected.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView
didSelectTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called before removing a tab.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView
willRemoveTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called before adding a tab.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView
willAddTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called before inserting a tab at a specific location.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView
willInsertTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
// Called to see if a tab can be closed. May open a confirmation dialog.
- (BOOL)tabView:(NSTabView*)tabView
shouldCloseTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called to see if a tab can be dragged.
- (BOOL)tabView:(NSTabView*)aTabView
shouldDragTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
fromTabBar:(PSMTabBarControl *)tabBarControl;
// Called to see if a tab can be dropped in this window.
- (BOOL)tabView:(NSTabView*)aTabView
shouldDropTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
inTabBar:(PSMTabBarControl *)tabBarControl;
// Called after dropping a tab in this window.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView*)aTabView
didDropTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
inTabBar:(PSMTabBarControl *)aTabBarControl;
// Called just before dropping a tab in this window.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView*)aTabView
willDropTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
inTabBar:(PSMTabBarControl *)aTabBarControl;
// Called after the last tab in a window is closed.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)aTabView
closeWindowForLastTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Compose the image for a tab control.
- (NSImage *)tabView:(NSTabView *)aTabView
imageForTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
offset:(NSSize *)offset
styleMask:(unsigned int *)styleMask;
// Called after a tab is added or removed.
- (void)tabViewDidChangeNumberOfTabViewItems:(NSTabView *)tabView;
// Creates a context menu for a tab control.
- (NSMenu *)tabView:(NSTabView *)aTabView
menuForTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called when a tab is dragged and dropped into an area not in an existing
// window. A new window is created having only this tab.
- (PSMTabBarControl *)tabView:(NSTabView *)aTabView
newTabBarForDraggedTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem
// Returns a tooltip for a tab control.
- (NSString *)tabView:(NSTabView *)aTabView
toolTipForTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)aTabViewItem;
// Called when a tab is double clicked.
- (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView doubleClickTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem;
// Called when the empty area in the tab bar is double clicked.
- (void)tabViewDoubleClickTabBar:(NSTabView *)tabView;
// Returns true if an init... method was already called.
- (BOOL)isInitialized;
// Fill in a path with the tabbar color.
- (void)fillPath:(NSBezierPath*)path;
// Called when the close button in the find bar is pressed.
- (IBAction)closeInstantReplay:(id)sender;
// Resize the window to exactly fit this tab.
- (void)fitWindowToTab:(PTYTab*)tab;
// Resize window to be just large enough to fit the largest tab without changing session sizes.
- (void)fitWindowToTabs;
// If excludeTmux is NO, then this is just like fitWindowToTabs. Otherwise, we resize
// the window to be just large enough to fit the largest tab without changing session sizes,
// but ignore tmux tabs when looking for the largest tab (assuming that a pending resize has
// been sent to the server, this lets you anticipate its response). Does nothing if all tabs
// are tmux tabs.
- (void)fitWindowToTabsExcludingTmuxTabs:(BOOL)excludeTmux;
// Fit the window to exactly fit a tab of the given size. Returns true if the window was resized.
- (BOOL)fitWindowToTabSize:(NSSize)tabSize;
// Force the window size to change to be just large enough to fit this session.
- (void)fitWindowToTab:(PTYTab*)tab;
// Replace a replay session with a live session.
- (void)showLiveSession:(PTYSession*)liveSession inPlaceOf:(PTYSession*)replaySession;
// Update irBar.
- (void)updateInstantReplay;
-(void)replaySession:(PTYSession *)session;
// WindowControllerInterface protocol
- (void)windowSetFrameTopLeftPoint:(NSPoint)point;
- (void)windowPerformMiniaturize:(id)sender;
- (void)windowDeminiaturize:(id)sender;
- (void)windowOrderFront:(id)sender;
- (void)windowOrderBack:(id)sender;
- (BOOL)windowIsMiniaturized;
- (NSRect)windowFrame;
- (NSScreen*)windowScreen;
- (IBAction)irSliderMoved:(id)sender;
// Show or hide as needed for current session.
- (void)showOrHideInstantReplayBar;
// Advance to next or previous time step
- (IBAction)irPrev:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)irNext:(id)sender;
// Maximize or unmaximize the active pane
- (void)toggleMaximizeActivePane;
// Key actions
- (void)newWindowWithBookmarkGuid:(NSString*)guid;
- (void)newTabWithBookmarkGuid:(NSString*)guid;
// Splitting
- (BOOL)canSplitPaneVertically:(BOOL)isVertical withBookmark:(Profile*)theBookmark;
- (void)splitVertically:(BOOL)isVertical withBookmarkGuid:(NSString*)guid;
- (void)splitVertically:(BOOL)isVertical withBookmark:(Profile*)theBookmark targetSession:(PTYSession*)targetSession;
- (void)splitVertically:(BOOL)isVertical
// selector for menu item to split current session vertically.
- (IBAction)splitVertically:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)splitHorizontally:(id)sender;
- (void)splitVertically:(BOOL)isVertical withBookmark:(Profile*)theBookmark targetSession:(PTYSession*)targetSession;
// Change active pane.
- (IBAction)selectPaneLeft:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectPaneRight:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectPaneUp:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectPaneDown:(id)sender;
// Do some cleanup after a session is removed.
- (void)sessionWasRemoved;
// Return the smallest allowable width for this terminal.
- (float)minWidth;
+ (PseudoTerminal*)bareTerminalWithArrangement:(NSDictionary*)arrangement;
+ (PseudoTerminal*)terminalWithArrangement:(NSDictionary*)arrangement;
- (void)loadArrangement:(NSDictionary *)arrangement;
- (NSDictionary*)arrangement;
- (void)refreshTmuxLayoutsAndWindow;
- (NSArray *)uniqueTmuxControllers;
- (IBAction)detachTmux:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)newTmuxWindow:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)newTmuxTab:(id)sender;
- (void)tmuxTabLayoutDidChange:(BOOL)nontrivialChange;
- (NSSize)tmuxCompatibleSize;
- (void)loadTmuxLayout:(NSMutableDictionary *)parseTree
tmuxController:(TmuxController *)tmuxController
name:(NSString *)name;
- (void)beginTmuxOriginatedResize;
- (void)endTmuxOriginatedResize;
- (void)appendTab:(PTYTab*)theTab;
- (void)getSessionParameters:(NSMutableString *)command withName:(NSMutableString *)name;
- (NSArray*)tabs;
// Up to one window may be the hotkey window, which is toggled with the system-wide
// hotkey.
- (BOOL)isHotKeyWindow;
- (void)setIsHotKeyWindow:(BOOL)value;
- (BOOL)isOrderedOut;
- (void)setIsOrderedOut:(BOOL)value;
- (void)screenParametersDidChange;
// setter
- (void)setBroadcastMode:(BroadcastMode)mode;
- (void)toggleBroadcastingInputToSession:(PTYSession *)session;
- (BroadcastMode)broadcastMode;
- (BOOL)broadcastInputToSession:(PTYSession *)session;
- (void)setSplitSelectionMode:(BOOL)mode excludingSession:(PTYSession *)session;
- (IBAction)moveTabLeft:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)moveTabRight:(id)sender;
- (void)setDimmingForSession:(PTYSession *)aSession;
- (void)setDimmingForSessions;
@interface PseudoTerminal (KeyValueCoding)
// Never remove methods from here because it will break existing Applescript.
// Be careful making any changes that might not be backward-compatible.
// accessors for to-many relationships:
// accessors for attributes:
// IMPORTANT: These accessors are here for backward compatibility with existing
// applescript. These methods don't make sense since each tab may have a
// different number of rows and columns.
-(void)setColumns: (int)columns;
-(void)setRows: (int)rows;
// (See NSScriptKeyValueCoding.h)
-(id)valueWithName: (NSString *)uniqueName inPropertyWithKey: (NSString*)propertyKey;
-(id)valueWithID: (NSString *)uniqueID inPropertyWithKey: (NSString*)propertyKey;
-(id)addNewSession:(NSDictionary *)addressbookEntry withURL: (NSString *)url;
-(id)addNewSession:(NSDictionary *)addressbookEntry
withURL:(NSString *)url
-(id)addNewSession:(NSDictionary *) addressbookEntry
withCommand:(NSString *)command
-(void)appendSession:(PTYSession *)object;
-(void)setSessions: (NSArray*)sessions;
-(void)replaceInSessions:(PTYSession *)object atIndex:(unsigned)index;
-(void)addInSessions:(PTYSession *)object;
-(void)insertInSessions:(PTYSession *)object;
-(void)insertInSessions:(PTYSession *)object atIndex:(unsigned)index;
// Add a new session to this window with the given addressbook entry.
- (id)addNewSession:(NSDictionary *)addressbookEntry;
- (BOOL)windowInited;
- (void) setWindowInited: (BOOL) flag;
// a class method to provide the keys for KVC:
@interface PseudoTerminal (Private)
- (IBAction)wrapToggleToolbarShown:(id)sender;
- (void)_refreshTerminal:(NSNotification *)aNotification;
- (void)_updateToolbeltParentage;
- (int)_screenAtPoint:(NSPoint)p;
// Allocate a new session and assign it a bookmark.
- (PTYSession*)newSessionWithBookmark:(Profile*)bookmark;
// Execute the bookmark command in this session.
- (void)runCommandInSession:(PTYSession*)aSession
// For full screen mode, draw the window contents in black except for the find
// bar area.
- (void)_drawFullScreenBlackBackground;
- (void)hideMenuBar;
- (void)showMenuBar;
// Returns the width of characters in pixels in the session with the widest
// characters. Fills in *numChars with the number of columns in that session.
- (float)maxCharWidth:(int*)numChars;
// Returns the height of characters in pixels in the session with the tallest
// characters. Fills in *numChars with the number of rows in that session.
- (float)maxCharHeight:(int*)numChars;
// Returns the width of characters in pixels in the overall widest session.
// Fills in *numChars with the number of columns in that session.
- (float)widestSessionWidth:(int*)numChars;
// Returns the height of characters in pixels in the overall tallest session.
// Fills in *numChars with the number of rows in that session.
- (float)tallestSessionHeight:(int*)numChars;
// Copy state from 'other' to this terminal.
- (void)copySettingsFrom:(PseudoTerminal*)other;
// Set the session's address book and initialize its screen and name. Sets the
// window title to the session's name. If size is not nil then the session is initialized to fit
// a view of that size; otherwise the size is derived from the existing window if there is already
// an open tab, or its bookmark's preference if it's the first session in the window.
- (void)setupSession:(PTYSession *)aSession
title:(NSString *)title
// Returns the size of the stuff outside the tabview.
- (NSSize)windowDecorationSize;
// Max window frame size that fits on screens.
- (NSRect)maxFrame;
// Push a size change to a session (and on to its shell) but clamps the size to
// reasonable minimum and maximum limits.
- (void)safelySetSessionSize:(PTYSession*)aSession
// Change position of window widgets.
- (void)repositionWidgets;
- (void)showFullScreenTabControl;
- (void)hideFullScreenTabControl;
// Adjust the tab's size for a new window size.
- (void)fitTabToWindow:(PTYTab*)aTab;
// Push size changes to all sessions so they are all as large as possible while
// still fitting in the window.
- (void)fitTabsToWindow;
// Add a tab to the tabview.
- (void)insertTab:(PTYTab*)aTab atIndex:(int)anIndex;
// Add a session to the tab view.
- (void)insertSession:(PTYSession *)aSession atIndex:(int)anIndex;
// Seamlessly change the session in a tab.
- (void)replaceSession:(PTYSession *)aSession atIndex:(int)anIndex;
// Reutrn the name of the foreground session.
- (NSString *)currentSessionName;
- (CGFloat)fullscreenToolbeltWidth;
// Set the session name. If theSessionName is nil then set it to the pathname
// or "Finish" if it's closed.
- (void)setName:(NSString*)theName forSession:(PTYSession*)aSession;
// Assign a value to the 'framePos' member variable which is used for storing
// window frame positions between invocations of iTerm.
- (void)setFramePos;
// Execute the given program and set the window title if it is uninitialized.
- (void)startProgram:(NSString *)program
arguments:(NSArray *)prog_argv
environment:(NSDictionary *)prog_env
// Send a reset to the current session's terminal.
- (void)reset:(id)sender;
// Clear the buffer of the current session.
- (void)clearBuffer:(id)sender;
// Erase the scrollback buffer of the current session.
- (void)clearScrollbackBuffer:(id)sender;
// Turn on session logging in the current session.
- (IBAction)logStart:(id)sender;
// Turn off session logging in the current session.
- (IBAction)logStop:(id)sender;
// Returns true if the given menu item is selectable.
- (BOOL)validateMenuItem:(NSMenuItem *)item;
// Turn on/off sending of input to all sessions. This causes a bunch of UI
// to update in addition to flipping the flag.
- (IBAction)enableSendInputToAllTabs:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)enableSendInputToAllPanes:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)disableBroadcasting:(id)sender;
// Show a dialog confirming close. Returns YES if the window should be closed.
- (BOOL)showCloseWindow;
// accessor
- (PSMTabBarControl*)tabBarControl;
// Called when the "Close tab" contextual menu item is clicked.
- (void)closeTabContextualMenuAction:(id)sender;
// Move a tab to a new window due to a context menu selection.
- (void)moveTabToNewWindowContextualMenuAction:(id)sender;
// Change the tab color to the selected menu color
- (void)changeTabColorToMenuAction:(id)sender;
// Close this window.
- (IBAction)closeWindow:(id)sender;
// Sends text to the current session. Also interprets URLs and opens them.
- (IBAction)sendCommand:(id)sender;
// Cause every session in this window to reload its bookmark.
- (void)reloadBookmarks;
// Called when the parameter panel should close.
- (IBAction)parameterPanelEnd:(id)sender;
// Grow or shrink the tabview to make room for the find bar in fullscreen mode
// and then fit sessions to new window size.
- (void)adjustFullScreenWindowForBottomBarChange;
// Adjust the find bar's width to match the window's.
- (void)fitBottomBarToWindow;
// Show or hide instant replay bar.
- (void)setInstantReplayBarVisible:(BOOL)visible;
// Return the timestamp for a slider position in [0, 1] for the current session.
- (long long)timestampForFraction:(float)f;
// Return all sessions in all tabs.
- (NSArray*)allSessions;
- (void)_loadFindStringFromSharedPasteboard;
- (BOOL)_haveLeftBorder;
- (BOOL)_haveBottomBorder;
- (BOOL)_haveTopBorder;
- (BOOL)_haveRightBorder;
@interface PseudoTerminal (ScriptingSupport)
// Object specifier
- (NSScriptObjectSpecifier *)objectSpecifier;
-(void)handleSelectScriptCommand: (NSScriptCommand *)command;
-(id)handleLaunchScriptCommand: (NSScriptCommand *)command;