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// TmuxLayoutParser.h
// iTerm
// Created by George Nachman on 11/28/11.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
// Trees consist of arrays of dictionaries. The dictionaries have these keys defined:
// All nodes:
extern NSString *kLayoutDictNodeType; // Node type from enum LayoutNodeType. NSNumber.
// Intermediate nodes only:
extern NSString *kLayoutDictChildrenKey; // Sub-tree. Returns an array.
// Leaf nodes only:
extern NSString *kLayoutDictWidthKey; // Width of node. String. Use -intValue.
extern NSString *kLayoutDictHeightKey; // Height. String. Use -intValue.
extern NSString *kLayoutDictXOffsetKey; // X position. String. Use -intValue.
extern NSString *kLayoutDictYOffsetKey; // Y position. String. Use -intValue.
extern NSString *kLayoutDictWindowPaneKey; // window pane number (leaf nodes only)
// These values are filled in by other classes:
extern NSString *kLayoutDictPixelWidthKey;
extern NSString *kLayoutDictPixelHeightKey;
extern NSString *kLayoutDictHistoryKey; // Array of screen_char_t-filled NSData
extern NSString *kLayoutDictAltHistoryKey; // Alternate screen history
extern NSString *kLayoutDictStateKey; // see TmuxStateParser
typedef enum {
} LayoutNodeType;
@interface TmuxLayoutParser : NSObject
+ (TmuxLayoutParser *)sharedInstance;
- (NSMutableDictionary *)parsedLayoutFromString:(NSString *)layout;
- (NSMutableDictionary *)windowPane:(int)windowPane
inParseTree:(NSMutableDictionary *)parseTree;
- (NSArray *)windowPanesInParseTree:(NSDictionary *)parseTree;
// For each leaf node, perform selector taking the NSMutableDictionary for the
// current node as the first arg and obj as the second arg. If it returns
// nil, the DFS continues; otherwise the DFS stops and that value is returned
// here.
- (id)depthFirstSearchParseTree:(NSMutableDictionary *)parseTree