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// Trigger.h
// iTerm
// Created by George Nachman on 9/23/11.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@class PTYSession;
extern NSString * const kTriggerRegexKey;
extern NSString * const kTriggerActionKey;
extern NSString * const kTriggerParameterKey;
@interface Trigger : NSObject {
NSString *regex_;
NSString *action_;
NSString *param_;
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *regex;
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *action;
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *param;
+ (Trigger *)triggerFromDict:(NSDictionary *)dict;
- (NSString *)action;
// Subclasses should implement:
- (NSString *)title;
- (BOOL)takesParameter;
- (NSString *)paramPlaceholder;
// Returns true if this kind of action takes a parameter.
- (BOOL)takesParameter;
// Returns true if the parameter this action takes is a popupbutton.
- (BOOL)paramIsPopupButton;
// Returns a map from NSNumber(tag) -> NSString(title)
- (NSDictionary *)menuItemsForPoupupButton;
// Returns an array of NSDictionaries mapping NSNumber(tag) -> NSString(title)
- (NSArray *)groupedMenuItemsForPopupButton;
// Index of "tag" in menu; inverse of tagAtIndex.
- (int)indexOfTag:(int)theTag;
// Tag at "index" in menu.
- (int)tagAtIndex:(int)index;
// Utility that returns keys sorted by values for a tag dict (i.e., an element of groupedMenuItemsForPopupButton)
- (NSArray *)tagsSortedByValueInDict:(NSDictionary *)dict;
- (NSString *)paramWithBackreferencesReplacedWithValues:(NSArray *)values;
- (void)tryString:(NSString *)s inSession:(PTYSession *)aSession;
// Subclasses must override this.
- (void)performActionWithValues:(NSArray *)values inSession:(PTYSession *)aSession;
- (NSComparisonResult)compareTitle:(Trigger *)other;
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