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.=title: ChangeLog
.?release: $Release: 0.7.1 $
.?lastupdate: $Date: 2008-01-28 15:27:12 +0900 (Mon, 28 Jan 2008) $
.?version: $Rev: 99 $
.: Release 0.7.1 (2008-01-28)
.* bugfix:
.- 'Duplicated key' error is now not raised if corresponding rule
has 'default:' constraint.
.- Path is now copied in Kwalify::ValidationError#initialize()
.: Release 0.7.0 (2008-01-27)
.* enhancements:
.- YAML parser is rewrited from scratch.
The new parser class Kwalify::Yaml::Parser is available.
The old parser class Kwalify::YamlParser is stil available,
but it is not recommended to use.
.- Validator is integrated with yaml parser.
It is able to parse and validate at once.
## create validator
require 'kwalify'
schema = Kwalify::Yaml.load_file('schema.yaml')
validator =
## parse with validation
parser =
ydoc = parser.parse('data.yaml'))
## show validation errors if exist
errors = parser.errors()
if errors && !errors.empty?
for e in errors
puts "** %d:%d [%s] %s" % [e.linenum, e.column, e.path, e.message]
.- Data binding is integrated into Kwalify::Yaml::Parser.
If you set Kwalify::Yaml::Parser#data_binding to true
and you specified class names in schema file,
parser creates instance objects instead of Hash objects.
It means that you don't need to add '!ruby/Classname'
for each data.
.? schema file (config.schema.yaml)
type: map
class: Config
"host": { type: str, required: true }
"port": { type: int }
"user": { type: str, required: true }
"pass": { type: str, required: true }
.? configuration file (config.yaml)
host: localhost
port: 8080
user: user1
pass: password1
.? ruby program (ex1.rb)
## class definition
require 'kwalify/util/hashlike'
class Config
include Kwalify::Util::HashLike # defines [], []=, ...
attr_accessor :host, :posrt, :user, :pass
## create validator object
require 'kwalify'
schema = Kwalify::Yaml.load_file('config.schema.yaml')
validator =
## parse configuration file with data binding
parser =
parser.data_binding = true # enable data binding
config = parser.parse_file('config.yaml')
p config #=> #<Config:0x542590 @user="user1", @port=8080,
# @pass="password1", @host="localhost">
.- Preceding alias supported.
If you set Kwalify::Yaml::Parser#preceding_alias to true,
parser allows aliases to apprear before corresponding anchor
This is very useful when node graph is complex.
- name: Foo
parent: *bar # preceding alias
- &bar
name: Bar
parent: *baz # preceding alias
- &baz
name: Baz
.- New command-line option '-P' enables preceding alias.
.- Kwalify::Yaml.load() and Kwalify::Yaml.load_file() are added.
They are similar to YAML.load() and YAML.load_file() but they
use Kwalify::Yaml::Parser object.
.- New utilify method Kwalify::Util.traverse_schema() provided.
require 'kwalify'
require 'kwalify/util'
schema = Kwalify::Yaml.load('schema.yaml')
Kwalify::Util.traverse_schema(schema) do |rulehash|
if classname = rulehash['class']
## add namespace to class name
rulehash['class'] = "Foo::Bar::#{classname}"
.- Add 'kwalify/util/hashlike.rb' which contains definition of
Kwalify::Util::HashLike module.
This module defines [], []=, keys(), key?(), and each() methods,
and these are required for data-binding.
.- Action 'genclass-ruby' supports '--hashlike' property.
.- Action 'genclass-ruby' supports '--initialize=false' property.
.- Add action 'geclass-php'
.- '\xXX' and '\uXXXX' are supported in Kwalify::Yaml::Parser.
.- New constrant 'default:' is added to kwalify.schema.yaml.
This constrant have no effect to validation and parsing,
and it is used only in 'genclass-xxx' action.
.* changes:
.- Action 'genclass-ruby' and 'genclass-java' are changed to
generate boolean accessors.
For example, attribute 'active' is specified as 'type: bool'
in schema file, action 'genclass-ruby' generates
"def active? ; @active; end"
and action 'genclass-java' generates
"public boolean isActive() { return _active; }".
.- Command-line option '-s' (silent) is obsolete and replaced with
'-q' (quiet). Option '-s' is still available but it is recommended
to use '-q'.
.- License is changed from LGPL to MIT-LICENSE.
.: Release 0.6.0 (2006-05-30)
.* enhancements:
.- Class definition generation support.
New command-line option '-a genclass-ruby' or '-a genclass-java' generates
class definitions in Ruby or Java from schema file.
.: Release 0.5.1 (2005-12-20)
.* enhances:
.- add new command-line option '-E' which show errors in emacs-compatible style.
.: Release 0.5.0 (2005-12-17)
.* enhancements:
.- Meta-validation check for 'max < min', 'max-ex <= min-ex', and so on.
.- Many test-cases are added
.* changes:
.- 'Parser' class is renamed to 'YamlParser'
.- 'PlainParser' class is renamed to 'PlainYamlParser'
.- YamlParser#set_error_linenums() is renamed to set_errors_linenum()
.- ValidatorError#<=> added
.- ParseError class is renamed to YamlSyntaxError
.: Release 0.4.1 (2005-10-26)
.* bugfix:
.- Support Ruby 1.8.3 (around YAML::Syck::DomainType)
.- Show correct error line number when key is undefined or unknown.
.: Release 0.4.0 (2005-10-25)
.* enhancements:
.- New command-line option '-l' prints error line numbers.
.- Supports default rule of mapping.
.: Release 0.3.0 (2005-09-30)
.* enhancements:
.- Support 'max-ex' and 'min-ex' (max/min exclusive) support with 'range:'
.- Support 'max-ex' and 'min-ex' (max/min exclusive) support with 'length:'
.- Support 'unique' constraint
.: Release 0.2.0 (2005-09-25)
.* enhancements:
.- New type 'scalar' and 'timestamp' added
.- Add new rule 'range:' which validates value range.
See users' guide for details.
.- Add new rule 'length:' which validate length of string value.
See users' guide for details.
.- Add experimental rule 'assert:' which validates value with an
expression. See users' guide for details.
.- New method 'Kwalify::Validator#validate_hook()' is added.
This method is called by Kwalify::Validator#validate().
See users' guide for details.
.- New class 'MetaValidator' added.
.- New test script 'test/test-metavalidator.rb' added.
.* changes:
.- Type name changed to suite YAML data type:
.= string -> str
.= integer -> int
.= boolean -> bool
.- Error index starts with 0 (before starts with 1).
.- Class 'Schema' is renamed to 'Rule'.
.: Release 0.1.0 (2005-08-01)
.- beta release