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ochtra stands for One Commit Hook To Rule All and is an attempt at creating the definitive Git commit hook that:

  • Works on all your languages (for now Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Python, Sh, Bash, Dash, Go, Perl, PHP, XML, JSON, YAML, HTML)
  • Is globally installable for all your repositories
  • Aims to keep syntax errors from entering your codebase
  • Is not religous about coding style (you still can have your own custom pre-ochtra hook for that)

ochtra deals with some common pitfalls you'll find in other hooks:

  • Works on initial commits
  • Will skip files that are staged to be deleted
  • Will not run when we're not currently on a branch
  • Can co-exist with your current commit hook, just rename it to pre-ochtra
  • Works on filenames with spaces
  • Checks files as staged in Git, not how they're currently saved in your working dir
  • Deals with discrepancies between linters sometimes printing errors on STDOUT vs STDERR

Try it now

Without installing anything, you can see ochtra in action on a local test repository:

cd /tmp
mkdir test-repo && cd $_

git init
curl -s -ko .git/hooks/pre-commit \
 && chmod u+x $_

echo ";-)" > syntax-error.go
git add syntax-error.go
git commit

You'll notice that ochtra won't let you commit that syntax-error.go:

screen shot 2014-01-07 at 15 18 47

Phew : ) Now for .go files it won't typically be a huge problem as your Go project won't run with syntax errors in the first place. But what about making that quick documentation change and leaving a typo? What about that Bash file in your repository? ochtra has got you covered.


As of Git 1.7 you can install ochtra as a git template.

mkdir -p ~/.gittemplate/hooks
curl -o ~/.gittemplate/hooks/pre-commit \
 && chmod u+x $_
git config --global init.templatedir '~/.gittemplate'

This will make it present in all newly create repositories.

Now, to install/update in existing repositories you can type

cd my-project
rm .git/hooks/pre-commit
git init # just copies any non-existing files from ~/.gittemplate to current repo


To remove ochtra from one project, type

rm .git/hooks/pre-commit

To remove the automatic installer for new Git repos, type

git config --global --unset init.templatedir
# git config --global --remove-section init


To run the tests:

make test


Feel free to report issues, comment on my blog or send a pull requests.

Contributors so far:

  • abtris (YAML, JSON & XML support)
  • Stefan Näwe (reporting issue)
  • mihaeu (reporting issue)
  • Mischa ter Smitten (curl fix for githubusercontent when installing)
  • Jan Dorsman (fix PHP error logging)
  • qdx (fix pipestatus & Git invalid object bug)
  • Jostein Kjønigsen (TypeScript support)
  • Dan Boulet (HTML support, improve YAML/Git/Go support and tests)


  • If you already had a pre-commit hook that you want to preserve and have executed before ochtra, just rename it to pre-ochtra.

  • If you ever want to commit code and disable the pre-commit one time, type

$ git commit -n

This can be useful if you import big chunks of code that don't pass jshint yet.

  • If you want to install linters, have a look at the .travis.yml file, it has instructions for all of them


These pages have been a source of inspiration when building ochtra:


MIT Licensed

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