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This is my Vim config. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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This is My Vim Config. There Are Many Like It, But This One is Mine. my personal vim config and dotfiles, tailored towards front-end development

There are two versions:

  • Basic - basic functional setup (only one file). Good for remote servers where edits are minimal.
  • Full - full setup (includes all dotfiles and plugins). Good for day-to-day development.

Installation of Basic Setup:

cp basic .vimrc file to remote server root

Installation of Full Development IDE:

cd ~/
git clone git://

Then, symlink files to appropriate locations cd ~/ ln -s ~/dotfiles/.vimrc ln -s ~/dotfiles/.tmux.conf ln -s ~/dotfiles/.zshrc ln -s ~/dotfiles/.ctags ln -s ~/dotfiles/.gitignore ln -s ~/dotfiles/.gitconfig

Update to Latest Version

git pull --rebase

Oh My Zsh!

Vim Plugins

  • pathogen - manages the runtime path of the plugins
  • fugitive -
  • YankRing - History for yanks, changes, deletes
  • BufClose - close current buffer, or a buffer by name
  • command-t -
  • ctrlp - Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc finder
  • minibufexpl - Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space
  • nerdcommenter
  • nerdtree - A tree explorer plugin for vim.
  • scss-snippets
  • scss-syntax
  • snipmate-snippets
  • syntastic
  • tComment
  • tabular
  • tagbar
  • tagbar-phpctags
  • tlib
  • vim-addon-mw-utils
  • vim-autoclose - enable an auto-close chars feature
  • vim-easymotion - Vim motion on speed!
  • vim-powerline - better-looking, more functional vim statuslines. (still using despite depreciated to avoid the python dependency of its successor )
  • vim-repeat - repeat.vim: enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."
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