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A unified JavaScript layer for Callback projects.


build/ Will contain any build modules (currently nothing here as it is all hacked into the JakeFile)


    code to bootstrap the phonegap platform, inject APIs and fire events

    injects in our classes onto navigator (or wherever else is needed)

    will contain the platform specific definitaions of the exec method.
    thinking of maybe renaming/repurposing this for any other platform
    specific quirks

    definitions of each platform (a-la Ripple) that help us describe where
    and what to put on the window object

    all API definitions as plugins


Just make sure you have node, npm and jake installed and run:


It will build into the pkg folder.


Figure this out... mobile-spec?



Build the .js file and drop it in as a replacement for phonegap.js!


Load this in Ripple to play with it. You will have to use the phonegap prototype branch to better simulate the phone environment and use this javascript rather than Ripples emulated code.

git clone
git checkout winnie.the.pooh

and then load the upacked extension in chrome in the pkg/chromium folder. Use the phonegap.proto platform in ripple.

TODO / Hacking / Contributing

  • figure out the unit tests
  • figure out the bootstrap
  • think more about what it means to run in node
  • think about whether to select and load the platform specific modules at runtime or at buildtime.
  • modularize phonegap.js, thoughts/examples/potentials:
    • PhoneGap.exec, PhoneGap.callbackSuccess, Realistically we should have a phonegap/bridge module that would house these methods and such.
  • 3rd party plugins could be interesting. Need a little bit more thought about how these will fit into the system. I am thinking a package.json type file to handle per plugin.