Fenriz: Utility bot for irssi with last.fm support.
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Fenriz: Utility bot for irssi with last.fm support.


1. Git pull this repository into your home directory (~)
2. Navigate to your scripts folder under your irssi configuration location (usually ~/.irssi)
3. Create a symbolic link to fenriz.pl (ln -s ~/fenriz/fenriz.pl .)
4. Load fenriz.pl in irssi (/script load fenriz.pl)
5. You're done, you can also create a symlink in your autorun directory. 


This is a work in progress and can occasionally be buggy.  
You can find me (kwamaking) on irc.snoonet.com if you have questions.

Issue the ~help command to see a list of commands available for this bot. 

I would GREATLY appreciate it if you used your own last.fm and bit.ly api keys. 


* Missing libraries.

If you try to run Fenriz and you are greated with somthing like "Can't locate List/MoreUtils.pm" you have to make sure that List::MoreUtils, JSON are installed in your Perl, you can add them using CPAN by following the below:

1.Issuing "perl -MCPAN -e shell" (in ubuntu, sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell) at the command prompt to enter CPAN's prompt.
2.After reaching the command prompt "cpan[1]>" type in "install List::MoreUtils" to install List::MoreUtils, and "install JSON" to add JSON.
3.Type "exit" to exit CPAN's command prompt.
4.Load Fenriz using the installation instructions.