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2020-11-25 Josef Cacek
* SunPKCS11 support for Java 9 and newer
2018-09-10 Josef Cacek (1.6.4)
* Upgrade Java runtime in Windows distributions to Java 8 (u181)
2018-09-09 Dan Cvrcek
* A new interface for remote/external crypto service providers - net.sf.jsignpdf.extcsp.IExternalCryptoProvider
* Integration with FoxyProxy ( for (eIDAS) external signatures
2018-04-19 Josef Cacek (1.6.3)
* Allow loading truststore specified by "" System property
* Log warning message if conf/ configuration file is not found
2017-12-12 Josef Cacek (1.6.2)
* BouncyCastle library updated to version 1.49 (due to
2014-09-16 Josef Cacek (1.6.1)
* page number out of range means the last page in the visible signatures (contrary to the first one used in previous versions)
2014-06-30 Josef Cacek (1.6.0)
* TSA hash algorithm support added also as a program option in both modes - CLI (-tsh) and GUI
2014-06-24 Josef Cacek (1.5.5 test)
* tsa.hashAlgorithm support in
2014-06-24 Josef Cacek
* jsignpdf-itxt moved directly under JSignPdf project (on github)
2014-06-22 Josef Cacek (1.5.4)
* Recompiled 1.5.3 - a wrong version of jsignpdf-itxt caused non-working time-stamping
2014-06-11 Josef Cacek (1.5.3)
* Fixed unregistering PKCS11 keystore type for GUI
2014-06-10 Josef Cacek
* Verifier - added exit code 10 when no signature field is present in the PDF
2014-05-30 Josef Cacek (1.5.2)
* Fix -ff option in Verifier (it's flag without arguments, till now an argument was required)
* Fix exit codes in Verifier (the non-zero codes used even if the -ff is not used)
* Disable fallbacks for key alias lookup. Originally if the alias name was used
and it doesn't existed in the keystore, the first key in the selected keystore was used.
2013-10-02 Josef Cacek (1.5.1)
* Added support for signature field placeholders in custom L2 texts. Possible values are:
- ${signer}
- ${timestamp}
- ${location}
- ${reason}
- ${contact}
2013-09-01 Josef Cacek (1.5.0)
* Implement image rendering using JPedal
* Upgrade libraries used for PDF preview (PDFBox, PDFRenderer)
* Reimplementation of selection in preview window
2013-08-31 Vaclav Slavik
* Fixed certificates handling in signature verification - make the OCSP verification more robust. Thanks for the fix!
2013-07-10 Josef Cacek (1.4.5)
* Fixed non-working --crl option when using CLI (batch mode)
2013-02-05 Josef Cacek (1.4.4)
* SunPKCS11 security provider removed at the end
2012-11-22 Josef Cacek (1.4.3)
* Fixed NPE in signing encrypted PDFs from CLI
2012-11-22 Josef Cacek (1.4.2)
* Fixed signing PDFs protected only with an owner password, but without user password
2012-10-08 Josef Cacek (1.4.1)
* Fix for using TSA authentication from command line (!topic/jsignpdf/c5zAObNmQZg)
* Added possibility to use different keystore types for TSA CERTIFICATE authentication (only in command line -tsct)
2012-09-24 Josef Cacek (1.4.0)
* JSignPdf's retiring - read!topic/jsignpdf/PMduEVZcSko
2012-09-03 Josef Cacek
* Merged Greek translation from Vassilis Michalitsis. Thanks for it!
2012-08-11 Josef Cacek (1.3.9 test)
* build scripts run on linux now
2012-07-16 Josef Cacek
* Certificate authentication for TSA
* relaxing SSL security is enabled by defaul (can be disabled in conf/
* string "based on iText 2.1.7" used in jsignpdf-itxt library product line
2012-05-01 Josef Cacek
* Certificate encryption support for the output PDF added
* Window positioning fixed for multiple displays
* Source code moved from SourceForge CVS to GitHub
2012-04-15 Josef Cacek
* DejaVu Sans font used for visible signatures instead of Rus Sans Pokrytie
2012-03-03 Josef Cacek (1.3.0)
* documentation updated
2012-02-17 Josef Cacek (1.2.8 test)
* jod-converter no more used for converting "JSignPdf guide" to PDF
* SLF4J removed from the project (only Log4J remains)
* used StringUtils from commons-lang3
2012-02-16 Josef Cacek
* improved hiding of components in the GUI (e.g. keystore file and password are hidden for WINDOWS-MY keystore)
2012-02-13 Josef Cacek
* symbolic link to /Applications added to Mac OS X .dmg package
2012-02-10 Josef Cacek (1.2.7 test)
* Updated Java runtime for Windows (6u30)
* Mac OS X test support (dmg)
2012-02-05 Josef Cacek
* wildcard (*,?) support in PDF names when using batch signing
* updated Apache commons libraries (commons-lang3-3.1, commons-io-2.1)
2012-02-04 Josef Cacek (1.2.6)
* fixed bug in handling CLI option "-pr DISALLOW_PRINTING" (c.f.
* IOUtils class removed from jsignpdf packages - commons-io version is used instead
2011-12-13 Josef Cacek (1.2.5)
* fixed problem with removing existing signatures (when PDF page dictionary is missing)
2011-12-02 Josef Cacek (1.2.4)
* add non-zero exit codes to SignatureCounter for error cases:
EXIT_CODE_PARSE_ERR = 1 (command line in a wrong format)
EXIT_CODE_CANT_READ_FILE = 5 (unable to read the file from given path)
EXIT_CODE_COMMON_ERROR = 6 (counting signatures in the PDF failed)
* new SignatureCounter parameter --names (prints signatures names instead of signatures count)
* added sections about command-line tools to documentation - Verifier and SignatureCounter (including exit codes)
2011-11-28 Aleksandar Stojsavljevic
* Verifier: If certificate is successfully validated against CRL - don't set warning flag for OCSP
2011-11-23 Josef Cacek
* if PDF version update is not possible, show eror message and don't sign
* print stacktrace if PKCS11 provider initialization fails
2011-11-18 Josef Cacek (1.2.3)
* fix CLI - the "append mode" for signatures was used always
2011-11-16 Josef Cacek (1.2.2)
* exit codes improved in CLI
EXIT_CODE_PARSE_ERR = 1 (command line in a wrong format)
EXIT_CODE_NO_COMMAND = 2 (nothing to do - e.g. no file for signing provided)
EXIT_CODE_SOME_SIG_FAILED = 3 (signing of some - but not all - files failed)
EXIT_CODE_ALL_SIG_FAILED = 4 (signing of all files failed)
2011-11-12 Josef Cacek (1.2.1)
* updated French translations (thanks David)
* better handling of misconfigured keystore (
* chapter "Changing the application language" added to the documentation
2011-10-26 Josef Cacek (1.2.0)
* fixed illegal enum initial values in property file
2011-10-18 Josef Cacek
* added French translation (thanks to David Ruelle)
2011-08-03 Josef Cacek
* fix toolbar naming (problem reported by Zbig Wittmann)
2011-08-02 Josef Cacek
* contact field specified from command line (tracker#3304993)
* Polish translation from Zbig Wittmann added
2011-07-01 Josef Cacek (1.1.10 test)
* new command line tool added: SignatureCounter
* fixed wrong spelling of RenderMode.DESCRIPTION_ONLY enum instance (thanks to Jiri Lisicky for reporting)
2011-04-28 Aleksandar Stojsavljevic
* Verifier: Improved verification (added new validation codes for certificate status)
* Verifier: SignatureVerification class now holds signing certificate and certificate path
2011-04-28 Aleksandar Stojsavljevic
* Verifier: verification is now possible against content of pdf (file doesn't have to be on file system).
2011-04-12 Josef Cacek
* Signer: if the render mode is GRAPHIC_AND_DESCRIPTION but no graphic is provided, then fall back to DESCRIPTION_ONLY - tracker#3279620
2011-04-06 Aleksandar Stojsavljevic
* Verifier: Improved verification (added checking for OCSP url inside certificate, added validation of TS server's certificate against keystore)
2011-04-01 Aleksandar Stojsavljevic
* Verifier: removed certificateValid flag from SignatureVerification class
* Verifier: introduced more complex checking for certification validity with methods getValidationCodes(VerificationResult) and getValidationCode(SignatureVerification, boolean)
2011-03-30 Josef Cacek
* Verifier checks the certification levels (and following modifications)
2011-03-30 Josef Cacek (1.1.9 test)
* Verifier doesn't use a given keystores directly, it creates in-memory keystore now
* Verifier validates the TSA certificates too
2011-03-29 Josef Cacek
* Support for SunPKCS11 security provider registration at during application startup (additional configuration in
* Added option which allows to disable Acrobat 6 layer mode (in visible signature settings) tracker#3250105
* Font size setting applied also for "Signature name and description" display mode as a maximal allowed size
- i.e. it can be generated smaller in the result tracker#3201238
* Added chapter Advanced application configuration into the documentation (JSignPdf Quick Start Guide)
* Visually separate the Append signature checkbox (it's not related to certification level)
2011-03-28 Josef Cacek
* Verifier updates suggested in
2011-03-13 Josef Cacek
* Java Runtime Environment update (6u24)
2011-03-11 Josef Cacek
* setting default OCSP server URL
2011-01-09 Josef Cacek (1.1.1)
* created l4j.ini files for exe launchers - JRE maximum memory is configurable now
2010-12-22 Josef Cacek
* checking known critical extensions is disabled by default
2010-11-18 Josef Cacek
* added some "well-known" certificate critical extensions
2010-10-27 Josef Cacek (1.1.0)
* updated documentation
* fixed setting Policy OID in CLI mode
2010-10-26 Josef Cacek
* added support for a custom TSA policy OID
* fixed setting hash algorithm from command line (thanks to Jan Klimes)
2010-10-06 Josef Cacek
* additional Certificate checks implemented
* Certificate checks can be disabled in under following keys:
- certificate.checkValidity checks the time validity
- certificate.checkKeyUsage checks if keyUsage extension contains "digitalSignature" or "nonRepudiation" bits set
- certificate.checkCriticalExtensions checks if the certificate contains only supported critical extensions (only KeyUsage in this time)
2010-08-24 Josef Cacek (1.0.3)
* Windows verifier launcher Verify.exe
* Previous/Next page buttons in PDF preview window
2010-08-18 Josef Cacek
* Append mode is the default
* Fixed page numbering in PdfRenderer preview
2010-07-26 Josef Cacek
* Updated Japanese translation (thanks to mshibata(at)
2010-07-14 Josef Cacek
* Windows console launcher JSignPdfC.exe
2010-07-12 Josef Cacek (1.0.2)
* Install Cert Tool doesn't work with jssecacerts file anymore, it uses directly {java.home}/lib/security/cacerts keystore
* InstallCert creates backup of cacerts file before adding new certificate
2010-07-08 Josef Cacek
* command line option --load-properties-file (-lpf) added
* for windows package use embedded JRE 6 (32-bit, i.e. supports WINDOWS-MY keystore)
2010-06-22 Josef Cacek (released 1.0.1)
* KeyStoreUtils fix - the simple didn't work correctly because of NPE for throwed by null key alias
2010-06-19 Josef Cacek (released 1.0.0)
* font for visible signature is configurable (set in conf/ file)
* certificate validity check and keyUsage can be disabled (set in conf/ file)
2010-06-16 Josef Cacek
* splashscreen and ReleaseNotes for version 1.0.0
2010-06-13 Josef Cacek
* WINDOWS-MY keystore type (if it's present) set as the default one in GUI
2010-06-09 Josef Cacek
* PDFBox enabled again as a second try for rendering PDF (if Sun PdfRenderer fails)
2010-06-07 Josef Cacek
* fixed reading of X.509 KeyUsage extension
* rendering library Apache PDFBox replaced by Sun PdfRenderer (LGPL)
* CRL estimated size
* InstallCert support (jar, Windows launcher)
2010-06-02 Josef Cacek
* proxy support for TSA, OCSP and CRL
* centering windows
2010-05-23 Josef Cacek
* support for BouncyCastle keystore providers
* possibility to choose hash algorithm
2010-05-19 Josef Cacek
* added multiline support for signature text (L2)
* translation friendly default signature text (L2)
* added CRL support
* preview and/or select by mouse visible signature (using PdfBox to convert PDF page to image)
2010-05-16 Josef Cacek
* fixed handling of multiple-signatures in non-append mode (old signatures are correctly removed now)
* fix for Unicode in PDF-producer field
* started using own branch of iText library based on version 2.1.7 (new name: JSignPdf-itxt)
* fixed handling of empty Output PDF field (it was filled after application restart)
2010-04-26 Josef Cacek & Marcus Schoeller
* listing/reloading keys checks certificate validity and KeyUsage attributes (it's still possible
to sign with another private key, but you have to provide the correct alias by hand!)
2010-04-14 Josef Cacek
* implemented minimal PDF version for visible signature - 1.3 (not used in append-mode)
2010-04-12 Josef Cacek
* suffix can be empty in batch mode (output to different directory with the same filename)
* additional file-checks in SignerLogic class
2010-04-02 Josef Cacek
* set default buttons for dialogs
2010-04-01 Josef Cacek
* fixed password usage in a simple view
* check if keystore is loaded during key refresh
* if the name of output file is not filled, automatically is used "_signed" suffix. E.g. test.pdf->test_signed.pdf
* set default buttons for dialogs
2010-03-04 Josef Cacek
* command line switches for TSA & OCSP
2010-02-24 Josef Cacek
* documentation update
2009-11-07 Josef Cacek
* Bouncy castle libraries upgrade (143->144)
* Contact field added
* TSA & OCSP support
* SignerOptions class removed - BasicSignerOptions used instead
* workaround for non-unique key aliases in WINDOWS-MY keystore
* improvements in command-line version:
- possibility to load default property file (-lp parameter)
- selecting key by index (e.g. because of national character in key alias, -ki parameter)
2009-07-12 Josef Cacek
* build.xml: exporting sources from CVS
* iText upgrade (2.1.6->2.1.7)
2009-06-25 Josef Cacek
* embedded Unicode font for Layer 2 texts in visible signature
* additional option for setting font size in visible signature
2009-06-02 Josef Cacek
* redesign of build process
* launch4j used to generate exe for Windows
* splash screen (in exe file)
* JRE 6u14
2009-05-28 Josef Cacek
* command-line support (batch processing)
2008-06-26 Josef Cacek
* loading certificates from KeyStores (e.g. WINDOWS-ROOT in Java 6)
2008-06-16 Josef Cacek
* basic support for PDF signature verification (command line controlled)
* loading certificates from X.509 certification files
2008-05-20 Josef Cacek
* enable/disable image field in visible signatures - depends on rendering mode
* update documentation
2008-05-08 Josef Cacek
* show page bounds in visible signature
2008-04 Josef Cacek
* implementing visible signature
2008-03-27 Josef Cacek
* fix for Java 5 (disable JDialog.setIconImage)
2008-03-26 Josef Cacek
* support for encrypted documents
* setting rights in the encrypted result PDFs
* multiple keys in keystore support
* append signature support
* windows installer
* updated guide
2008-02-11 Josef Cacek
* signing PDF documents
* Add-On
* English & Czech language
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