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Corporation – Board Procedure

All Board Procedures should be reviewed following each Annual General Meeting.

Public Events

The Board may approve the holding of public events within KwartzLab space through the verbal or written consent of a majority of directors, outside of a Board meeting. Any such approval must be ratified at a future Board meeting.

Regarding the Date and Frequency of Board Meetings:

The Board of Directors shall meet every three weeks on Wednesdays.

Be it resolved that members shall be notified at least 24 hours in advance of board meetings via the announce mailing list, for those board meetings that require advance notification as per the bylaws.

Regarding Member Applicants:

Be it resolved that when an applicant is being voted on for membership to KwartzLab Society Inc., if any objections have been raised to a Director about the applicant, this must be stated for the record. The exact nature of the objection does not need to be stated, however the number of members posing objections does.

Board approval via Admin mailing list – Be it resolved that a new member can be approved if the entire board unanimously approves the new member using the Kwartzlab Admin mailing list.

Regarding Membership Status Changes:

The secretary will ensure that the membership is notified via the members mailing list of any membership status changes as they happen.

Regarding New Member Dues:

Be it resolved that the first month of a new member’s dues will be pro-rated weekly by the calendar week that they are inducted during.

Regarding Member Events:

Be it resolved that the Board affirms that members can organize events for members, within the existing guidelines of the space; if they’re going to bring the public in, events must be approved by the board with enough lead-time for the board to discuss the event. The board will consider all requests, with consideration of prime time.

Note: The distinction of “guests” is important: “public” does not mean “guests”. Members will need to use common sense when deciding what constitutes a “guest”.

Regarding Member-Guests at Member Events:

Rather than legislating this, the consensus of the Board is to leave it up to the event organizer, and ensure that organizers clearly specify whether their events are for members plus guest(s), or just members.

Regarding KwartzLab Purchase Reimbursements:

All requests for reimbursements must be submitted to the member’s mailing list for approval by the Treasurer. Requests must include an itemized cost estimate. Requests for reimbursements totalling under $50 for consumable purchases may be submitted after the purchase has been made. All other requests should be submitted prior to purchase.

The Treasurer may grant approval for consumable purchases totalling no more than $50, at the Treasurer’s discretion. For all other reimbursement requests, Treasurer approval may only be granted with the support of all active Directors as expressed on the members’ mailing list, or by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.