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Hide unwanted streams, games, categories, channels and tags on:




  • hide unwanted categories/games
  • hide unwanted channels/streams
  • hide unwanted tags
  • hide stream reruns
  • hide streams based on their title
  • filtering on "Following" page can be disabled (in settings)
  • toggle visibility of "X" buttons
  • share blacklists using import/export (in settings)
  • blacklist can automatically sync between devices (in settings, requires opt-in)
  • one-click-toggle to disable/enable extension (click on the extension icon to access)
  • compatible with FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) and BetterTTV (BTTV)
  • supports Twitch's Dark Mode

Supported pages

  • Browse: Categories
  • Browse: Live Channels
  • Game: Live Channels
  • Game: Videos
  • Game: Clips
  • Frontpage/Discover (carousel is not filtered)
  • Explore Gaming/IRL/Music/Creative (Esports is not filtered)
  • Following
  • Sidebar (filtering only, no buttons to add items to the blacklist)
  • you can still access any blacklisted content via direct link

Note about breaking changes on

Twitch is infamous for changing their website without further notice, which may break this extension over night. Twitch also serves different canary builds (previews of potential future versions) to selected/random users for up to 4 weeks, which most likely break parts of the extension. If you notice pages no longer working properly, disable the extension, report the issue (you can also send me an e-mail or DM me on Twitter) and wait for an update. Note that updates may take a few days to be approved on the corresponding browser stores. Keep an eye on the GitHub commits or follow me on Twitter to receive news regarding new versions. Please avoid leaving a 1-star review as this will neither help the case nor increase my mood. Thank you. 🙂

FAQ / Troubleshooting

There are no X buttons visible anywhere?

  • After the first install of the extension, restart your browser.
  • Check if you accidently unchecked the Show "X" Buttons option. It can be found in the extension popup menu or as clickable 👁 icon on the management button.
  • Make sure the page is supported, see description. The sidebar generally has no "X" button.

(Firefox) The extension icon is nowhere to be found?

  • The icon is part of the address bar (URL) and will only appear if you are on (to the right).

Whatever I try to block, the entry is never saved to the blacklist?

  • Try switching to local storage (instead of cloud storage). This option can be found in the management view (accessible via the extension popup menu or via management button) by unchecking the box at the top right.
  • Avoid having more than one tab of open while adding to or removing from the blacklist.
  • Close browser system tabs (browser settings, flags, extensions) before adding to or removing from the blacklist.

Are you accessing my Twitch profile in any way?

  • No, there is no attempt to access or read any information other than what is needed to detect and identify items to block. These items do not contain sensitive data.
  • There is no attempt to write any information to an external resource, other than your personal blacklist in case you are using the cloud storage of your browser. The cloud storage is only accessible to you and the cloud storage's operator, such as Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Edge) etc. The blacklist only contains category names, channel names, tags and titles, see export.
  • There are no code injections or outgoing requests (such as script tags, fetches or XmlHttpRequests). There is also no dependency on any library other than the native browser extension API (Chrome and WebExtensions).

Contributing to this extension

Regardless if you are a regular user or a developer yourself, check out the contribution page for information about how you can help this project.


Language Translator
English kwaschny
German kwaschny
Spanish JoseSM

How it works

The extension is loaded after the requested page is fully served and completely relies on the present DOM. It adds button controls to specific nodes that can be used to add the underlying item to the blacklist. The blacklist is held in the storage, either local or synced (can be adjusted in the settings). Once there are items on the blacklist, supported pages are filtered by going through item nodes, matching game/category, channel or tags. A successful match hides the topmost node and marks it as being hidden. Most detections are interval based node comparisons instead of observing mutations in the DOM (I find it more consistent, especially because of the seamless page navigation on Twitch), that's why you might notice a minor flicker effect once in a while.