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This repository serves as a base template for creating OxygenXML plugins. It includes a basic plugin.xml and ant build.xml.
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OxygenXML Plugin Template

A git repo that serves as a base when developing an OxygenXML plugin.


git clone

Add your source files to the src directory and the oxygen.jar from the to the lib directory.

In build.xml

  • Change the name attribute on the <project> node to the name of your plugin.
  • Add an appropriate description to the <description node.

In plugin.xml

  • Change the name attribute to the name of your plugin
  • Change the description attribute to an appropriate description of your plugin
  • Change the class attribute to the class of your plugin. This is the class htat extends ro.sync.exml.plugin.Plugin
  • Change the class attribute on the <extension> node to the class of your plugin extension. This is the class that implements one of the OxygenXML *PluginExtension interfaces.

Run ant from the base directory of your project and it should build an installable plugin in the dist directory


The build.xml file can also be used to build the sample projects in the by copying build.xml into one of the sample projects and adding <pathelement location="../../oxygen.jar" to project.class.path. Also you should change the name of the project in build.xml.

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