Utility to generate images containing a collage of other images
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Open source Java software to generate a collage of images.

Copyright © 2016 Rob Schlüter

Licensed under the MIT License. For details see the included LICENSE file.

The source code of this project is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/kwebble/imagewall

You can contact me through the contact form on my website: http://kwebble.com/about


This software can generate images containing a collage of other images like this:

Kwebble Radio header

This image is taken from Kwebble Radio, and it was for this site I created the software.

To create a collage you provide a collection of images, run the software and after some time a collage is created.


  1. This is Java software which means you must have a Java runtime installed on the computer.

  2. If you haven't downloaded the software yet do that now. You need the imagewall-full.jar file.

  3. Open a window with a command prompt and execute the software by running the command. The syntax is:

    java -jar imagewall-full [options...] <path to image folder>

    Where the options are:

    Option Description Default value
    -w: Width of the generated image in pixels. 1000
    -h: Height of the generated image in pixels. 250
    --format: Use a predefined image size (overrides -w and -h options) possible values: "facebook_header" and "twitter_header". none
    -c: Maximum number of images to include in the generated image. All found images
    -min: Minimum width in pixels the source images are scaled to. 50
    -max: Maximum width in pixels the source images are scaled to. 100
    -background Name of the file to use as background image.
    -output: Name of the generated file. imagewall.jpg
  4. the resulting collage is saved as a JPEG file.


###Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space This error means the program needs more memory to run. It can occur when creating a large image or process large input files.

You can solve this with the Java option -Xmx, which sets the amount of memory the software may use, for example:

java -Xmx512m -jar imagewall-full [options...] <path to image folder>

sets the memory limit to 512 MB.

Building from source

The source code of the software is available on GitHub: https://github.com/kwebble/imagewall

The build of the software uses Maven, so install that first.

Perform the build with the command:

mvn package

When successful the result is available in the target folder, 2 JAR files: imagewall.jar and imagewall-full.jar.

imagewall.jar contains only the specific code for this project. imagewall-full.jar is a executable JAR file with all required code included to run from the command line.


Licenses of elements used in this software are stored in the included ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file.