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Songlink is the best way to share music (we think). But, with your help, we can make it even better. 🙏🏼

How to use Songlink

Sharing Songlinks is powerful. When someone clicks on a Songlink, it is quick and easy for them to start listening to the song in the app they love:

Songlink listen flow gif

It is easy to create and share Songlinks. Just head to our website:

Songlink webapp flow gif

Or, you can use a little copy and paste wizardry:

Song spotify copy manual gif

If you use Facebook Messenger, you can talk to Songlink Bot and he (she? it?) will find you the Songlink to share.

If you use the iOS app Workflow, there's some dope workflows like this one.

For more info about all the ways to create Songlink URLs, see the Songlink as a service section below


We want to make it as easy as possible for users to create and share Songlink URLs. Thus, we need to integrate with the tools and apps they use to listen to music and communicate with friends. We’re thinking apps and websites, messaging bots, universal share flows on iOS and Android, etc. We can’t build all of this cool shit ourselves (though we are working on some of them!), so we’d like to engage the community and enable all yinz to make Songlink workflows that help you (and maybe even others!) share music.

The next section describes how (easy it is) to create Songlink URLs. Please reach out to with any questions or comments, or to show off a new integration you’ve built. I’ll make a gif of any cool shit you build and highlight it in the How to use Songlink section above.

Songlink as a service

At its core, Songlink is a service that renders Songlink URLs. There are 2 types of Songlink URLs, each of which are easy to compose:

  1. Full Songlink URLs
  2. ID-only Songlink URLs

Full Songlink URLs

These are the easiest to create. A full Songlink URL is composed by appending the song’s share URL to the root Songlink domain. For example:

Songlink currently supports Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play Music and Deezer urls:


Apple Music


Google Play Music


ID-only Songlink URLs

These are shorter, prettier, cooler Songlink URLs 😎. If you can grab the ID of the song, the rest is 🍰. We support Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Google Play Music IDs.

Spotify + s/ + Spotify ID (id)

Apple Music + i/ + Apple Music ID (trackId)

YouTube + y/ + YouTube ID (id)

Google Play Music + g/ + Google Play Music ID (storeId)

Deezer + d/ + Deezer ID (id)

Contributing (Alternate Take)

Songlink has no funding or revenue stream (we think banner ads are bullshit 🤑). We are committed to maintaining (and, of course, constantly improving) the Songlink platform. Unfortunately, servers aren’t free, my Philz coffee addiction is real and we drink a lot of IPAs. If you’d like to help fund our servers, ☕ or 🍺 you can send us a gift via Venmo or PayPal.


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