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# For support of python 2.5
from __future__ import with_statement
from import assert_raises
import numpy as np
import la
from la.util.testing import assert_larry_equal as ale
DTYPES = [np.int16, np.int32, np.int64, np.uint64, np.float32, np.float64,
def arrays(dtypes=DTYPES, nans=True):
"Iterator that yield arrays to use for unit testing."
ss = {}
ss[0] = {'size': 0, 'shapes': [(0,), (0,0), (2,0), (2,0,1)]}
ss[1] = {'size': 4, 'shapes': [(4,)]}
ss[2] = {'size': 6, 'shapes': [(1,6), (2,3)]}
ss[3] = {'size': 6, 'shapes': [(1,2,3)]}
ss[4] = {'size': 24, 'shapes': [(1,2,3,4)]}
for ndim in ss:
size = ss[ndim]['size']
shapes = ss[ndim]['shapes']
for dtype in dtypes:
yield np.zeros(size, dtype=dtype)
yield np.ones(size, dtype=dtype)
a = np.arange(size, dtype=dtype)
for shape in shapes:
a = a.reshape(shape)
yield a
yield -a
if issubclass(a.dtype.type, np.inexact):
if nans:
for i in range(a.size):
a.flat[i] = np.nan
yield a
yield -a
# np.testing.assert_almost_equal fails on np.inf
# for numpy 1.6.1
for i in range(a.size):
a.flat[i] = np.inf
yield a
yield -a
# Unary functions -----------------------------------------------------------
def unit_maker(name, npfunc, arg={'la':[], 'np':[]}, imag=True):
"Test that gives the same output as"
msg = '\nfunc %s | input %s (%s) | shape %s | axis %s\n'
msg += '\nInput array:\n%s\n'
for i, arr in enumerate(arrays(nans=True)):
if not imag and (arr.dtype == np.complex64):
original = la.larry(arr.copy())
method = getattr(original, name)
with np.errstate(invalid='ignore', divide='ignore', over='ignore'):
desired = la.larry(npfunc(arr.copy(), *arg['np']))
actual = method(*arg['la'])
ale(actual, desired, msg=name, original=original)
def test_log():
"Test log"
yield unit_maker, "log", np.log
def test_exp():
"Test exp"
yield unit_maker, "exp", np.exp
def test_sqrt():
"Test sqrt"
yield unit_maker, "sqrt", np.sqrt
def test_sign():
"Test sign"
yield unit_maker, "sign", np.sign
def test_power():
"Test power"
yield unit_maker, "power", np.power, {'la':[1.3], 'np':[1.3]}
def test___pow__():
"Test __pow__"
yield unit_maker, "__pow__", np.power, {'la':[1.3], 'np':[1.3]}
def test_cumsum():
"Test cumsum"
yield unit_maker, "cumsum", np.cumsum, {'la':[0], 'np':[0]}
yield unit_maker, "cumsum", np.cumsum, {'la':[-1], 'np':[-1]}
def test_cumprod():
"Test cumprod"
yield unit_maker, "cumprod", np.cumprod, {'la':[0], 'np':[0]}
yield unit_maker, "cumprod", np.cumprod, {'la':[-1], 'np':[-1]}
def test_clip():
"Test clip"
yield unit_maker, "clip", np.clip, {'la':[-1,1], 'np':[-1,1]}
def test___neg__():
"Test __neg__"
yield unit_maker, "__neg__", np.negative
def positive(a):
return a.copy()
def test___pos__():
"Test __pos__"
yield unit_maker, "__pos__", positive
def test_abs():
"Test abs"
yield unit_maker, "abs", np.absolute, {'la':[], 'np':[]}, False
def test___abs__():
"Test __abs__"
yield unit_maker, "__abs__", np.absolute, {'la':[], 'np':[]}, False
def test_isnan():
"Test isnan"
yield unit_maker, "isnan", np.isnan
def test_isfinite():
"Test isfinite"
yield unit_maker, "isfinite", np.isfinite
def test_isinf():
"Test isinf"
yield unit_maker, "isinf", np.isinf
def test_invert():
o = la.larry([True, False])
d = la.larry([False, True])
ale(o.invert(), d, 'invert', original=o)
y = la.larry([0, 1])
assert_raises(TypeError, y.invert)
def test___invert__():
o = la.larry([True, False])
d = la.larry([False, True])
ale(~o, d, '__invert__', original=o)
y = la.larry([0, 1])
assert_raises(TypeError, y.invert)
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