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# This code was taken from the matplotlib trunk on 2010-10-11
# See la/LICENSE for the matplotlib license
# The original matplotlib code:
# Copyright (c) 2002-2009 John D. Hunter; All Rights Reserved
# The following modification were made (all modifications are
# covered by the la license):
# - Remove verbose class
# - Remove caching
# - Remove year, month, day, d (date number); just return
# - Remove rearrays and asobject parameter; always return lists of tuples
# - Don't adjust prices or volume, leave that for the la package
# - parse_historical_yahoo now returns dates and data separately
# - quotes_historical_yahoo now returns dates and data separately
# - parse_historical_yahoo no longer reverses data order
# - Modified doc strings to reflect above changes
"Load Yahoo! Finance data from the web"
import warnings
from urllib2 import urlopen
import datetime
def parse_yahoo_historical(fh):
Parse the historical data in file handle fh from yahoo finance.
Return a list of tuples containing
date, open, close, high, low, volume, adj close
where date is a python standard library instance.
lines = fh.readlines()
data = []
dates = []
datefmt = '%Y-%m-%d'
for line in lines[1:]:
vals = line.split(',')
if len(vals)!=7:
continue # add warning?
datestr = vals[0]
date =*[int(val) for val in datestr.split('-')])
open, high, low, close = [float(val) for val in vals[1:5]]
volume = int(vals[5])
aclose = float(vals[6])
data.append((open, close, high, low, volume, aclose))
return data, dates
def fetch_historical_yahoo(ticker, date1, date2):
Fetch historical data for ticker between date1 and date2. date1 and
date2 are date or datetime instances, or (year, month, day) sequences.
fh = fetch_historical_yahoo('^GSPC', (2000, 1, 1), (2001, 12, 31))
a file handle is returned
ticker = ticker.upper()
if iterable(date1):
d1 = (date1[1]-1, date1[2], date1[0])
d1 = (date1.month-1,, date1.year)
if iterable(date2):
d2 = (date2[1]-1, date2[2], date2[0])
d2 = (date2.month-1,, date2.year)
urlFmt = ''
url = urlFmt % (d1[0], d1[1], d1[2],
d2[0], d2[1], d2[2], ticker)
return urlopen(url)
def quotes_historical_yahoo(ticker, date1, date2):
Get historical data for ticker between date1 and date2.
date1 and date2 are datetime instances or (year, month, day) sequences.
See :func:`parse_yahoo_historical` for explanation of output formats
and the *asobject* and *adjusted* kwargs.
sp = f.quotes_historical_yahoo('^GSPC', d1, d2)
fh = fetch_historical_yahoo(ticker, date1, date2)
data, dates = parse_yahoo_historical(fh)
if len(data) == 0:
return None
except IOError as exc:
warnings.warn('urlopen() failure\n' + exc.strerror[1])
return None
return data, dates
def iterable(obj):
'return true if *obj* is iterable'
try: len(obj)
except: return False
return True