I18n routing module for Rails 2.3.x and Rails 3. Translate your routes with ease !
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I18n_routing is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that lets you easily translate your routes trough the I18n api included in Rails since version 2.2

All necessary information is available on the wiki: wiki.github.com/kwi/i18n_routing

For your questions, use the i18_routing google group: groups.google.com/group/i18n-routing

Works with Rails 2.3, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2

TODO for next releases (written the 9th of June 2010)

  • Handle multiple translations for same resources name (Example: nested and not nested resources)

  • Handle namespace translation (and path_prefix on Rails3)

I18n gem version warning

Be careful when running Rails 2.3 with the shipped i18n gem: this is an old i18n version and i18_routing will install the latest i18n version as a gem. This latest version may be incompatible with some old usages. Furthermore, if the i18n gem is present on your system, Rails will load it and skip the shipped version; Keep that in mind.


  • kwi (Guillaume Luccisano)

  • bigtiger (Jim Remsik)

  • mixr (Reiner Dieterich)

  • fwalch

  • doubledrones: h13ronim (Marcin Michałowski)

  • rudionrails (Rudolf Schmidt)

  • fishman (Reza Jelveh)

  • toXXIc

  • jdcrutchley (Jamie Crutchley)

Copyright © 2010-2011 Guillaume Luccisano - g-mai|: guillaume.luccisano, released under the MIT license