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Rails 3.1.1 support in overall #31

juhat opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It seems many of the functions died in 3.1.1. I could make work only the basics. Only "routes:" translations works for me. And the url helpers url generation gives back the normal default rails url, witch is just not good.

I am not absolutely sure about the problems - can you check the overall rails 3.1 compatibility? It would be great! It is a really cool project!

kwi commented


Thanks for the answer! I am curious how it will work.

I could look at the code, but the Rails routing implementation is quite new to me, so it would take much more time to find out how it should work. But if you write a skinny wiki page how to test it, I'll do it!



+1 for Rails 3.x :-)
Thanks very much for this plugin, though! :-)


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