Experimental code to read/write NumPy .NPY files in MATLAB
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Code to read/write NumPy .NPY files in MATLAB

Usage example:

>> a = rand(5,4,3);
>> writeNPY(a, 'a.npy');
>> b = readNPY('a.npy');
>> sum(a(:)==b(:))
ans =



See the notebook for python tests

See test_readNPY.m for matlab reading/writing tests.

Note re: memory mapping npy files

See exampleMemmap.m for example of how to memory map a npy file in matlab, which is not trivial when the file uses C-ordering (i.e. row-major order) rather than fortran-ordering (i.e. column-major ordering). Matlab's memory mapping only supports fortran, but Python's default is C so npy files created with Python defaults are not straightforward to read in Matlab.