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Doesn’t tile properly when screen disappears

Resolution changes

Almost possible, but clientArea returns the old resolution


Weird apps (mplayer, gimp)

Add those to rules by default

Weird configurations



Better release process (i.e. don’t just pack up git, TEST)


Client on all desktops

There, back, there again

Client on last desktop

was interpreted as being on all desktops


Refactor layouts to share more code

See vain This uses a simple “arrange” function as the layout function

More/better layouts

Implement BladeLayout as HalfLayout with masterCount == tiles.length

Multi-master in spirallayout

Crazy stuff

Layout switcher

Indicate layout/state (tiling on/off) somehow

Per-activity settings

Huge complexity increase (one additional layer on top of desktops/screens) Investigate how the actual relationship between activities and desktops/clients is Seems to be the following: Each client belongs to multiple activities, but is on the same desktop on each There can only be one activity at the same time

Needs changes in tilingmanager (large) and maybe tile and tilelist

React on configuration change

Right now kwin restarts are needed every time the configuration is changed



INPROGRESS ClientArea doesn’t update

INPROGRESS no tabGroup

INPROGRESS windowClosed’s “deleted” not properly converted

INPROGRESS Pixmap issue

Seems it corrupts when clients are resized before windowShown (when compositing) There are other cases, though, like firefox resizing after restoring the previous session

KWin maximizes windows automatically on certain conditions

Possibly caused by electricBorderMaximize

QML doesn’t draw stuff

options.useCompositing/compositingMode doesn’t keep up

It does not change to false when disabling compositing

Crash when wrong desktop is used in workspace.clientArea()


Stacking order is buggy

i.e. sometimes maximizing a client maximizes it below other clients or glow is below other clients

QTimer is not exported to qml

Either this or import functionality to javascript are needed to properly do resizes


ClientArea options

conditions/guarantees (e.g. is windowClosed always executed before FFM selects new activeClient?)

Difference between geometryChanged and geometryShapeChanged

geometryChanged fires on geometryShapeChanged and a few other signals

windowClosed is only fired when compositing


Integration with rules

Some way to draw small window borders

Outline doesn’t work as it darkens the window and consumes mouse input Effect?

Handle maximize like minimize in the scripting API


INPROGRESS A usage section

A goals section

Remove duplicate functionality

Refactor and beautify code

Use “filter” etc more often

Remove duplicate code

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