For collecting and uploading Silvrback user articles directly to Silvrback accounts.
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Silvrback-Github Direct Upload Instructions

You can now upload a blog article written in Github directly to your Silvrback blog. To do so, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Login to your Github account. We will use your Github account email to find your Silvrback account. Therefore, make sure your Github account and Silvrback account emails are the same. Further, your Github email account must be public, which you can set up through your Github account settings.

  2. Locate the Silvrback Github repo here and click the fork button. The Silvrback Github repo will then be connected to your Github account. Now you are ready to start writing your article. Settings Window

  3. Go to your Github account and find this repo. In the image above, you will see a “New File” button, which you will use to create a new article. Click this button. Use your article title as the file name, with an .md extension. Settings Window

  4. After you finish writing your article, commit your file using the “Commit Changes” button. Settings Window

  5. Create a pull request when you want to upload your Github article to your Silvrback account. Once you have completed the pull request, you should find your article in your unpublished articles section of your blog. You will need to verify the upload and publish from your Silvrback account.

N.B: This step is required for first time use only. After you have done this step once, future article uploads will complete after you execute step 4 above. Settings Window Settings Window

If you edit or create a new article, just commit the file as described in step 4 and you’ll be finished :)