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[x] initial release
[x] add key commands for controlling player (minimal ui)
[x] streaming load (optimize for speed/ux) -
[x] make shuffling refocus nextTrack item and scroll window
[x] add help screen
[x] fix progress meter updates on Safari (default to flash mode for now, which doesn't have this bug)
[x] fix seeking on OSX:chrome,safari (default to flash mode for now, which doesn't have this bug)
[x] iOS testing (using -x). works, but uses html5 player which has position/seeking update bug
[x] add winamp style next/prev keybindings (next=b, prev=z)
[x] fix help screen positioning; using bootstrap-modal
[x] fix serving of non-mp3 files/outside of root dir; use relative paths to cwd
[x] keep trying to load remaining tracks if a track 404's
[x] make installable via python easy_install for quick setup
[x] fix README formatting problems
[x] fix loading of files with unicode characters in name (proper html entity conversion)
[x] drag/drop reordering
[x] fix modal visibility problem on start
[x] automate pypi upload: export COPYFILE_DISABLE=true; python sdist upload
[ ] properly center the modal help window
[ ] make prev track work in shuffle mode
[ ] markers / cue points
[ ] A-B looping
[ ] make html5 player work with seeking, reenable preferflash: false
[ ] make player loop to beginning on finish of last track
[ ] verify progress meter updates on iOS (after making html5 player work)
[ ] figure out why 'MS5/jj - a jj 12_ (2009)_' is broken
[ ] figure out a good way to automate testing of broken loads
[ ] use databinding to reduce mem size for larger lists; investigate album-based pagination
[ ] dir->album containers
[ ] scan a dir, yank all .mp3 files into ordered list for playback
[ ] if it's an image, try to determine the front/back image art and display it
[ ] show all other files as clickable links (but minimized) within the container
[ ] sortable dirs (timestamp, alpha, size, duration, bitrate, idv3, desc/asc)
[ ] IDv2,3 loading (on-demand and/or async poll/scanner based)
[ ] quick search
[ ] duplicate detection
[ ] file standardization
[ ] atomic operations with strict validation & temporal undo - no data loss/corruption is acceptable
[ ] help user rename files to common std format Artist - Album [(Year)]/Artist - 00 Track Name.mp3
[ ] strip _'s, tags and other junk from directory and filenames to clean up your library
[ ] syncronize IDv2,3 tags to filename
[ ] ID tag reduction (2->3 etc)
[ ] websockets/persistent conns for snappiness
[ ] DJ-like mixing (see tracks as waveforms, scrub waveforms to cue point to play)
[ ] service framework (offline scanning, indexing and other tasks)
[ ] ui views for internal scanner/indexer state: 15,000/25,000 files scanned etc
[ ] scan phases: names, stat, id tags, mp3sum (checksum of data part of mp3), total checksum
[ ] pop-out playlist controls