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JiBoCo: JiffyBox Console

A simple command-line utility to interact with the JiffyBox API.

JiffyBox is a German VPS hosting company similar to Linode but with pricing per hour like Amazon EC2. They offer API access to their service allowing customers to provision, start, stop and delete VPS instances via an HTTP REST interface in addition to their own web interface. The API also allows access to advanced features such as conducting backups and modifing the pricing plan.

Building and Installing


  • Java 1.6 JDK
  • Maven 2.0 +

Build the JiBoCo JAR as follows:

            cd jiboco
            mvn clean install

A JAR file will be generated in the jiboco/target directory named jiboco-VERSION.jar. The JAR is self-contained and executable so it be moved and renamed if desired or left right where it is.


The JAR is executable so run it as follows:

            java -jar jiboco.jar

Before doing so, you will need to create a file with your JiffyBox API token. Create a file in your home directory named .jiffybox ($HOME/.jiffybox). In this file add the following line with your API token:

            token=<API TOKEN>


  • Commands to list, start and stop VPS instances.
  • Minimal external dependencies. Currently only using google-gson JSON library and the internal Java HTTP client.
  • Code contains a main class encapsulating all logic that is separate from the console code. This can be used apart from this project.


	java -jar jiboco.jar <cmd>


	help [cmd]			Show help.
	ls  [box-id]		List JiffyBox instances.
	box <box-id> <cmd>	Start, stop, freeze or kill a JiffyBox instance.


	java -jar jiboco.jar ls
	id         name       status     IP             
	12345      Test       STOPPED 

	java -jar jiboco.jar box 12345 start
	status: UPDATING            
	status: UPDATING            
	status: READY            


  • add support for provisioning new VPS instances and deleting existing VPS instances.