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Immersive Graph Visualization


An implementation of the immersive graph visualization technique described in our paper (video preview):

    title={{A Study of Layout, Rendering, and Interaction Methods for Immersive Graph Visualization}},
    author={Kwon, Oh-Hyun and Muelder, Chris and Lee, Kyungwon and Ma, Kwan-Liu},
    journal={IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics},

Oh-Hyun Kwon, Chris Muelder, and Kwan-Liu Ma are with VIDI Labs at the University of California, Davis. Kyungwon Lee is with Integrated Design Lab at the Ajou University, Korea.


Getting up and running

Shorcuts in the application

Command Description
` (backtick) Toggle console. Console commands for this application start with IGV_ prefix.
Ctrl + O Open a file dialog. The file dialog is not visible in the head mounted display.
V Reset viewpoint.

Console commands

Command Description
IGV_OpenFile Open a file dialog. The file dialog is not visible in the head mounted display.
IGV_SetFieldOfView [float] Set the field of view of graph layout. The value should be determined based on the size of given graph.
IGV_SetAspectRatio [float] Set the aspect ratio of graph layout.
IGV_SetTreemapNesting [float] Set the nesting factor of treemap layout.

To add more console commands, see AIGVPlayerController.

Data preprocessing

To visualize other graphs, please prepare the data as the following format:

    "nodes": [
        {"id": "A"},
        {"id": "B"},
        {"id": "C"}
    "links": [
        {"source": "A", "target": "B"},
        {"source": "A", "target": "C"}

Then, preprocess the data:

python data/lesmis.json -r 1.0

The -r parameter will change the size of resulting clustering hierarchy. Output data will be saved in /Saved/Data/Graph directory.


This research has been sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation through grant IIS-1741536: Critical Visualization Technologies for Analyzing and Understanding Big Network Data.