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Emacs Minor Mode for Cargo, Rust's Package Manager.
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Cargo mode for Emacs. This package gives you a set of key combinations to perform Cargo tasks within your Rust projects.


This package can be installed through melpa:

M-x package-install cargo


Add cargo-minor-mode to your rust-mode-hook

(add-hook 'rust-mode-hook 'cargo-minor-mode)

You will now have the following key combinations at your disposal:

Keybinding Command
C-c C-c C-e cargo-process-bench
C-c C-c C-b cargo-process-build
C-c C-c C-l cargo-process-clean
C-c C-c C-d cargo-process-doc
C-c C-c C-v cargo-process-doc-open
C-c C-c C-n cargo-process-new
C-c C-c C-i cargo-process-init
C-c C-c C-r cargo-process-run
C-c C-c C-x cargo-process-run-example
C-c C-c C-s cargo-process-search
C-c C-c C-t cargo-process-test
C-c C-c C-u cargo-process-update
C-c C-c C-c cargo-process-repeat
C-c C-c C-f cargo-process-current-test
C-c C-c C-o cargo-process-current-file-tests
C-c C-c C-m cargo-process-fmt
C-c C-c C-k cargo-process-check
C-c C-c C-S-k cargo-process-clippy
C-c C-c C-a cargo-process-add
C-c C-c C-S-d cargo-process-rm
C-c C-c C-S-u cargo-process-upgrade

Before executing the task, Emacs will prompt you to save any modified buffers associated with the current Cargo project. Setting compilation-ask-about-save to nil makes Emacs save modified buffers without asking.


Commands can be adjusted by changing their command variable. Here's a list of commands and their default value.

(setq cargo-process--command-bench "bench")
(setq cargo-process--command-build "build")
(setq cargo-process--command-clean "clean")
(setq cargo-process--command-doc "doc")
(setq cargo-process--command-doc-open "doc --open")
(setq cargo-process--command-new "new")
(setq cargo-process--command-init "init")
(setq cargo-process--command-run "run")
(setq cargo-process--command-run-bin "run --bin")
(setq cargo-process--command-run-example "run --example")
(setq cargo-process--command-search "search")
(setq cargo-process--command-test "test")
(setq cargo-process--command-current-test "test")
(setq cargo-process--command-current-file-tests "test")
(setq cargo-process--command-update "update")
(setq cargo-process--command-fmt "fmt")
(setq cargo-process--command-check "check")
(setq cargo-process--command-clippy "clippy")
(setq cargo-process--command-add "add")
(setq cargo-process--command-rm "rm")
(setq cargo-process--command-upgrade "upgrade")

Advanced usage

If you invoke the prefix argument C-u before calling any of the functions, you may edit the Cargo command before it is run. This allows you to add flags like --release, for example.

Processes run via Cargo mode make use of compilation mode. This mode provides features like jumping to errors or killing runaway processes.


In order to run cargo-process-fmt you need to have the rustfmt package installed.

rustup component add rustfmt-preview

In order to run cargo-process-check you need to have the cargo-check package installed.

cargo install cargo-check

In order to run cargo-process-clippy you need to have the clippy package installed.

cargo install clippy

In order to run cargo-process-{add,rm,upgrade} you need to have the cargo-edit package installed.

cargo install cargo-edit

For completion in cargo-process-add, configure cargo-process-favorite-crates.

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