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@kwsch kwsch released this Feb 13, 2020

20/02/14 - New Update:

  • Legality:
    • Added: Initial handling for HOME Transfers.
    • Note: Tracker value is currently not flagged if missing; there's a setting to enable flagging.
    • Note: Pokémon that haven't yet visited HOME do not have a tracker.
    • Note: Fake WC8 data will have to be prepared to recognize HOME gifts.
  • Added: More Gen8 editable fields. Thanks @CanoeHope!
  • Added: More Gen4 Event Flags. Thanks @FeralFalcon!
  • Changed: Revised suggested hatch locations. Thanks @CanoeHope!
  • Fixed: Gen5 Entree Forest randomization no longer causes errors. Thanks Pocket Monsters (user)!
  • Fixed: Gen4 HGSS Box Wallpapers are now read correctly. Thanks @Ammako!
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