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Sample Implementations


Test Xcode Project for building a universal framework, as well as, a static framework. Included in this project are:

  • Static library project that when built will also create a universal framework
  • Sample implementation projects to show the setup/usage for the static library and the universal framework

The project and target settings are configuration based so you shouldn't have to modify the settings from the info pane


It is evolutionary, not revolutionary, for most iOS developers to go from copying the same set of "library" files from project to project, to creating a static library which is then shared between projects to finally creating a universal framework. From my humble point of view the universal framework is the ideal solution because it gives you the ability to just hand off a single framework (which is really a directory), which keeps code implementation hidden, and still have access to a static library that can be edited and shared within a shared workspace.

Reference Blog Post

Creating a Universal iOS Framework Sample Project