My Conky configuration, includes Spotify / MPD current song and cover art fetching
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This conky setup has the ability to display current playing song information with MPD / Spotify. It also attempts to fetch the album cover and displays it. It can run through a proxy by simply setting the http_proxy environment variable accordingly. It's dirty bash scripting and I know it, there may be a cleaner rewrite in the future, but it's working almost well so far.

Of course it requires the following : conky, dbus, wget, liblua
Optional : spotify, mpd (if you have neither of these, you're missing out the main (only ?) new feature and should be using the original Conky LUA instead :

The LUA circles can take a few seconds to appear. This is normal.


0. Untar the archive and move the conkwyxz-<version>/ folder to ~/.conkwyxz/
1. Lines 72 and 74 are setting /home and / as monitored filesystems, if you wish to monitor other filesystems modify accordingly 
2. Edit lines 73 and 75 with the new monitored filesystems names
3. Line 66 is setting the location code for weather checking, get your regional code at and replace KCQT by your regional code
4. Modify line 64 with your city name
5. Run conky using this configuration file: conky -c ~/.conkwyxz/conkwyxzrc
6. ???
7. Profit