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Echo Text

ECHO TEXT IS NOW LIVE! You can text it at 604 259 1114! Text 'helpme' for instructions on how to use.

See our devpost:


We wanted to help those who were faced with financial difficulties to have a chance at using a basic search engine without paying the price of data

What it does

Echo Text is a utility bot that searches and queries things you might need, without internet. All you need to do is text Echo Text with what you want, and it will respond.

Challenges we ran into

As with any project, We were faced with many challenges. From working as a team, we were able to overcome our problems by keeping calm under stress while numerous debugging sessions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The program itself. We are proud that our bot has a real use after the numerous hours we put into it. Code-wise, the modular nature of our bot makes it easy to add new functionality within minutes.

What we learned

A modular project allows for easier coding distribution among members. We also learned about the format and structure of more advanced python programs.

What's next for Echo Text

We would like to try and add more functionality in the bot itself, including offline Google searching, web browsing, and Slack-ing. In the future, we could create an Android app wrapper that includes a GUI. This would make it more accessible and user-friendly.


SMS bot made for Vancouver Local Hack Day 2018. Won 3rd place.






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