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kxproject 3553 build without Microsoft signature, won't load on Win10 x64
This build is signed by generic OEM certificate, but has not been signed by Microsoft. It will run on most OSes, but Windows 10 x64 with Secure Boot enabled will not run the kx.sys.
Earlier Windows releases (Windows XP, Vista) won't recognise SHA256 signature.
Windows 7 requires latest service pack to support SHA256 signature.
Latest commit f870c11 Mar 13, 2018


pre-compiled driver builds

Download most recent pre-compiled driver binaries here:

  • -- Contains Windows driver for x86 and x64 architectures, and also documentation, DSP effects etc.

  • kXAudioDriver-1.11b0.dmg -- Contains latest OS X driver for x86 and x64 architectures.


  • 'Old versions': legacy driver builds.
  • 'Old legacy skins': skin files for kX Mixer, which are probably no longer compatible with new driver releases.
  • 'Old help files': legacy help files in different languages (French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese)