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3553 build without Microsoft signature, won't load on Win10 x64

This build is signed by generic OEM certificate, but has not been signed by Microsoft. It will run on most OSes, but Windows 10 x64 with Secure Boot enabled will not run the kx.sys.
Earlier Windows releases (Windows XP, Vista) won't recognise SHA256 signature.
Windows 7 requires latest service pack to support SHA256 signature.
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kxproject committed Mar 13, 2018
1 parent 077eb61 commit f870c11e0c4e84d2b28b733ad026ab19f86c2cfa
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  1. BIN kxdrv3553-full-unsigned.exe
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xinaixuan replied Apr 2, 2018

来看看 很期待新驱动


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aleksbish replied Oct 25, 2018


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