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Welcome to the kX Project!

The kX Project is an independent development project, focused on providing free WDM Audio Drivers for kX-Compatible sound cards. Read our Mission statement for a quick introduction.

The kX Audio Driver is an independent WDM (Windows Driver Model) driver for all EMU10K1 and EMU10K2-based soundcards manufactured by Creative Technology Ltd. and/or E-mu Systems Inc., including the SoundBlaster Live! series, the E-mu Audio Production Studio (APS) card, and the Audigy / Audigy2 series of cards.

The kX Audio Driver package includes driver system files and setup files as well as a powerful audio mixer application (the kX Mixer), which acts as a Graphical User Interface, providing access to many of the driver's internal functions. The following features are either fully supported or partially supported in the latest release of the kX Audio Driver:

  • Wave Recording & Playback
  • MIDI Synthesizer (Soundfont-based) and MIDI UART In/Out
  • DirectSound 2D and DirectSound 3D
  • Full ASIO and GSIF support
  • DSP Microcode Loading/Unloading
  • Full AC97 codec control
  • AC3 Software Decoding

The kX Driver is FREE and will remain FREE. It is released under GNU GPL license version 2.0. Source code is available in a separate repository.

Previously, kX Project home page was, but it is now hosted on github only. All other resources on the net are unofficial! If you download and install any files from such web sites, you use them on your own risk!

The following repositories are available:

kX Project binaries - pre-compiled driver binaries for Windows and macOS

kX documentation - most documents previously found on the website (FAQ, mission, credits, guides etc.)

presets - presets created by kX users and published online: some are just '.kx' files with preset data, some have screenshots of kX DSP showing the routings etc.

source code - source code for macOS and Windows, all effects etc.

some up-to-date and legacy documentation - previously found in kX Knowledgebase

various DSP effects - in 'Dane' format

alternate driver for E-mu 1010 hardware - not compatible with kX, but supports higher sampling rates and bit depths; only works with E-mu 1010, can theoretically be made compatible with existing kX architecture (DSP, Soundfonts etc.)

You are welcome to share this driver, clone and submit your updates.

  • the kX Team
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