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  • Front and Rear speakers are swapped by default (this is intentional) - explanation why here.

  • The default speaker configuration is 'Stereo' (2.0) -- you can change this setting by tweaking the 'Surrounder' options. EAX/EAX2.0/EAX3.0 not fully supported.

  • MIDI synth volume control may not function in realtime.

  • If you have ACPI-aware system you may need to disable it. Refer to ACPI guide for details.

  • You may experience certain audio artifacts in 3-D games - in order to solve this issue select 'Wave 4/5' device as default or turn off hardware acceleration in your application.

  • Certain hardware configurations can cause constant beeping instead of sound - please review our forum for details. SoundFonts

  • Maximum single sample size for SoundFonts may be limited by OS memory settings. Review our FAQ for details Hardware-Dependent

  • Settings for phases, levels, etc. may not be optimized for uncommon AC97 codec versions.

  • SB006x / SB010x cards have an issue with ASIO input and output mappings that can't be fixed (a hardware problem).

  • SB020x cards (Dell OEM SB Live!) contain different EMU10k1 chips and they aren't supported at the moment. OS-Dependent

  • Special adjustment of control panel settings may be required for Win2k (refer to installation guide).

  • There might be phantom CD-Audio and Wave controls in the Windows Mixer.

  • The system might fail to go into Stand-by / Suspend modes based on inactivity timer.

  • Media players may hang if the PC is resumed from a StandBy/Suspend modes with audio files being played.

  • Windows 98 and Windows ME users may experience problem with additional '-6dB' attenuation. Use 'Wave 8/9' device in order to fix this.

  • It is highly recommended you do NOT use Windows Mixer (sndvol32) application and tweak the volume only via the kX Mixer. Other Software

  • Use of optional third-party skins may cause resource leakage.

  • Some DVD Players may fail to change the volume when playing AC-3 or multichannel content.

  • Some TV-Tuner software (e.g. from ATI) may conflict with the kX Audio Driver. See ATI support site for details.

  • You may experience shutdown problems. See Microsoft support site for details.

  • When playing back AC-3 content using kX Driver decoder or in 'AC-3 Passthru' mode, the volume control is not available.