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Our mission is to allow end-users unfettered access to all hardware features of the kX-compatible* soundcards, to promote the development of supporting applications and to encourage a free exchange of information useful towards furthering software development for all kX-compatible soundcards. Our motto is: "Expanding the Potential Exponentially".

Historical background

The kX Project was born out of a perceived need to expand the possiblities for use by musicians of the kX-compatible soundcards, under new and emerging operating systems which no longer support the old VxD device driver model.

Until now, musicians interested in exploring the detailed operational aspects of their Emu10k1 and 10k2-based soundcards have been limited to either working with the drivers that came with their cards, or installing superior VxD drivers originally intended for the E-mu Systems APS (Audio Production Studio) card, but being unable to upgrade to newer operating systems. In some cases, demanding users have decided to change operating systems altogether, i.e. to linux, or to limit the use of their 10kx soundcards to tasks such as gameplaying and SoundFont playback.

An independent developer set out in the spring of 2001 to write the WDM drivers that would put the power back into the hands of the end-user, and throw open the door to practically unlimited software development for the 10kx cards. This intrepid and unrelentless developer was Eugene Gavrilov, who continues to spearhead the kX Driver programming effort.

A small team of independent testers and developers has now joined to continue kX Project development. Working together we can and will Expand the Potential and allow end-users unprecedented control over their soundcards and develop tools for musicians by musicians.