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A Giphy TV clone on-the-go

Hi, I'm GiphyTV clone, an independant project. Create your own GIF powered TV channel!

Simple to use, to custom and to deploy. No database needed, no PHP or complex stuff.

This is a good picture

GIF are fun! Let's have fun!

Everyone loves GIFs. Imagine a purfect world where you could download a zip, change some little simple things and create your own Giphy TV channel full of awesome GIFs anytime for any screens. I don't want to be rude, but, it's a reality now.

This is a snapshot of the code

4 things to configure in config.js:

  1. Your API Key
  2. A smart title
  3. A good description
  4. A keyword for GIFs

Find the project right here:

This website and project are not associated with Giphy in any way. I just love them for their GIFs.

Giphy logo

The project has been featured on Product Hunt, thanks a lot friends!

GiphyTV Clone - Create your own GIF powered TV channel!

As Seen On Product Hunt

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