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Documentation for kdb+ and q

Version 2.0 of the documentation site at


This site is generated with the MkDocs static-site generator, with the Material for MkDocs theme.

See for how to compile the site.

Local copy

If your Net connection is slow, you might prefer to download the site for local use from

Not upwardly compatible

Version 2.0 substantially reorganizes the URL structure of the site. Most keywords and operators now have short URLs, e.g. and

This marks a break from Version 1.0. There is no Git continuity between the two repos.

The terminology revision begun in Version 1.0 is complete: adverbs are now iterators. The Reference material for them has been completely rewritten and the 2013 whitepaper “Efficient use of adverbs” re-issued as “Iterators”. The concept of rank is extended from functions to all applicable values. Variadic replaces ambivalent for values (e.g. derived functions and matrixes) that may be applied as either unary or binary.

The Cookbook articles are now in the Knowledge Base.


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