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Room 208 interactive services are shutting down after April 2019
2018-11-10 21:19:16 UTC

Long story short: As user activity dwindles, the maintenance burden and security risks are no longer worth it. Thus, come next April:

  • The EsperNet instance of Omnipresence will be shut down, along with the channel transcript viewer and statistics.

  • The #yackfest QDB and the nightmare of fabrication, the Room 208 wiki, will be converted to read-only archives. Since static pages are cheap to serve, I plan to keep them online indefinitely, as with the existing Omnibooru dumps.

Since Omnipresence has not been under active development for some time, I recommend chanops switch to a different bot instead of starting their own Omnipresence instance, though I cannot suggest any particular bot as a replacement.

Any further questions can be directed to me on IRC or Twitter. Cheers!

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