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2) Run in MATLAB command prompt:
-The STAGING_DIR is required for OpenWrt-based toolchain.
+The STAGING_DIR is required for OpenWrt-based toolchain. It seems that STAGING_DIR is only required if you are usign the Openwrt toolchain from Openwrt build root (directory).
3) Add an entry to /etc/hosts to avoid using Ben NanoNote IP (for your convenience).
Set up a passwordless login for Ben NanoNote:
@@ -1,13 +1,6 @@
-- Optional "Download/Execute" checkbox
+- Optional "Download/Execute" checkbox (needed?)
- Catch errors in nanonote_setup script
- Put license and README information
- Add comments throughover
-- set up some options, like hardware implementation
-- External mode works, but requires some manual steps in configuration.
- Activating it in Interface pane is not a problem, but choosing
- another (default) template for main file is not good.. Need to merge templates..
- Or even better - create a generic one and choose in it between my
- custom (shitty) main and default main supplied by TMW.
- Real Time mode
- UBB driver
-- In standalone mode, don't use TMF to download to target. See launchpad_ert for a better implementation (using after_make hook)

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