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Embedded JSON database Matlab binding

EJDB - Embedded JSON Database engine



Required tools/system libraries:

  • g++/gcc
  • Matlab

Launch matlab, add a path to matlab-ejdb, and use ejdb.make command.

addpath /path/to/matlab-ejdb;

By default, this will download the latest EJDB package from GitHub and create a statically linked binary. If you prefer to link dynamically, specify --download-ejdb to false and pass any additional flags. For example,

ejdb.make('--download-ejdb', false, ...
          '-I/opt/local/include', ...

Runtime requirement

In most cases, you'll need to force Matlab to preload the system libstdc++ due to the incompatibility between the system and Matlab's internal libstdc++ version. Use LD_PRELOAD variable to do so. For example, in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit,

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6:/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcc_s.so.1 matlab

The required path depends on the platform. You can check which path to specify by comparing the output of ldd tool in the UNIX shell and in Matlab.

From the UNIX shell,

$ ldd +ejdb/private/libejdbmex.mex*

From Matlab shell,

>> !ldd +ejdb/private/libejdbmex.mex*

And find a dependent library differing in Matlab. You must append that library in the LD_PRELOAD path.

In OS X, LD_PRELOAD equivalent is DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES. Use otool -L command instead of ldd.

One snippet intro

addpath /path/to/matlab-ejdb;

db_id = ejdb.open('zoo');

parrot1 = struct(...
  'name', 'Grenny', ...
  'type', 'African Grey', ...
  'male', true, ...
  'age', 1, ...
  'birthdate', {bson.date(now)}, ...
  'likes', {{'green color', 'night', 'toys'}}, ...
  'extra1', []...
parrot2 = struct(...
  'name', 'Bounty', ...
  'type', 'Cockatoo', ...
  'male', false, ...
  'age', 15, ...
  'birthdate', {bson.date(now)}, ...
  'likes', {{'sugar cane', 'toys'}}, ...
  'extra1', []...

object_ids = ejdb.save('parrots', parrot1, parrot2);
disp(['Grenny OID: ', object_ids{1}]);
disp(['Boundy OID: ', object_ids{2}]);

results = ejdb.find('parrots', {'likes', 'toys'});

disp(['Found ', num2str(numel(results)), ' parrots']);

for i = 1:numel(results)
  disp([results(i).name, ' likes toys!']);



  • Sparse array is not supported.