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%CALCGLOBALORIENTATION Calculates a global motion orientation in a selected region
% o = cv.calcMotionGradient(orientation, mask, mhi, timestamp, duration)
% ## Input
% * __orientation__ Motion gradient orientation image calculated by the function
% cv.calcMotionGradient
% * __mask__ Mask image. It may be a conjunction of a valid gradient mask, also
% calculated by cv.calcMotionGradient, and the mask of a region whose
% direction needs to be calculated.
% * __mhi__ Motion history image calculated by cv.updateMotionHistory.
% * __timestamp__ Timestamp passed to cv.updateMotionHistory.
% * __duration__ Maximum duration of a motion track in milliseconds, passed to
% cv.updateMotionHistory.
% ## Output
% * __o__ Output global orientation.
% The function calculates an average motion direction in the selected region
% and returns the angle between 0 degrees and 360 degrees. The average direction
% is computed from the weighted orientation histogram, where a recent motion has
% a larger weight and the motion occurred in the past has a smaller weight, as
% recorded in mhi.
% See also cv.updateMotionHistory cv.calcMotionGradient
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