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Win7 x64, Matlab 64bit (r2011b), opencv2.4.2 (small .make change) #13

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Hi kyamagu,

Awesome project, just started using it, with excellent results, much thanks!

I found that compiling mex files with a 64bit version of Matlab, on Windows 7 x64 required the Windows 7.1 SDK, not Visual Express 2010 (VC10 doesn't include a 64-bit compiler, so one needs the SDK to get the 64 bit compiler).
Also, as a note to anyone else struggling, I needed to use Matlab version r2011b, as I could never get r2011a to find the sdk.

Anyway, one small change to the make script allows for successful compilation:

elseif ~isempty(strfind(c.Name,'Microsoft SDK'))
s = 'vc10';

(*side note: I'm using the x64 pre-built opencv binaries)

@kyamagu kyamagu closed this
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