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Time Series R Arima example. Vizualize with Excel - Tableau.

This repository contains a simple time forecast series example.


The example will load champagne sales data from a excel spread sheet, build various time series data sets, forecast and analysis plots in R. Finally, We'll show you how to replicate some plots in Tableau public.


  • Loading Data from Excel into R.
  • Convert Data into a TimeSeries.
  • Transform Data to Stationary.
  • Plot decompose, Plot ACF | PACF.
  • Test with Ljung-Box.
  • Build Arima with Auto Arima verify from Previous Plots.
  • Build Forecast Model wtih Auto Arima Results and Plot.
  • Export core data and forecast for further analysis to Excel.
  • See what you can Visualize in another tool i.e. Tableau Public.



Link to Tableau Public : Example Visual

Please see my Tableau example:

Have Fun

Please email me at : if you have a question or need help with your data platform.