Features and commands

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Modmail related

Command Name Description
setup Sets up a server for modmail
reply Reply to users using this command.
edit Edit a message that was sent using the reply command.
contact Create a thread with a specified member.
close Close the current thread.
close silently Closes the current thread silently without mention.
move Moves the thread channel to a specified category
logs Shows a list of previous modmail thread logs of a member.
block Block a user from using modmail.
blocked Returns a list of blocked users
unblock Unblocks a user from using modmail.
nsfw Flags a modmail thread as nsfw.
snippets Returns a list of snippets that are currently set.
snippets del Removes a snippet from the bot config.
snippets add Add a snippet to the bot config.

Utility commands

Command Name Description
help Shows the help message.
update Checks for new versions and updates the bot.
github Shows the github user your modmail api token is linked to.
alias Returns a list of aliases that are currently set.
alias del Removes an alias from the bot config.
alias add Adds an alias to the bot config.
about Shows information about the bot.
github Show to which github user your access token is linked to.
activity Set a custom playing status for the bot.
ping Pong! Returns your websocket latency.
eval Evaluates python code (Bot owner only)
config Manually change configuration for the bot.
config del Sets a specifiied key from the config to nothing.
config get Shows the config variables that are currently set.
config set Sets a configuration variable and it's value.
changelog Returns a list of recent changes made to the bot.
notify [role] Pings once when a new reply in the thread has been sent.
sub [role] Pings for every new message until you unsubscribe.
unsub [role] Removes you from the notification list.

Config vars

These are currently all the valid configuration variables you can change with the config set command.

Name Description
prefix The prefix that the bot has
mention What the bot mentions at the start of each thread.
activity_type The activity type, accepted values: 0-3. 0: playing, 1: streaming, 2: listening, 3: watching
activity_message The activity message
twitch_url The twitch URL when activity_type is set to 1 (streaming)
disable_autoupdates Disables automated updates.
log_channel_id Sets the channel logs are located in.
main_category_id Defines category that spawns new threads.
sent_emoji Changes the sent emoji.
blocked_emoji Changes the blocked emoji.


Snippets and aliases

Snippets are shortcuts for predefined messages that you can send. Add and remove snippets with the snippets command.

Custom Mentions

If you want the bot to mention a specific role instead of @here, use the mention command.

Custom Emojis

If you want the bot to use a specific emoji instead of ✅, use the sent_emoji config var. Blocked recipients will be displayed as 🚫. Can be changed with blocked_emoji config var.

Delete Linked Messages

Did you accidentally send something you didn't mean to with the reply command? Don't fret, if you delete the original message on your side, this bot automatically deletes the corresponding message that was sent to the recipient of the thread! This also works with message edits in reverse.

Thread Logs

Thread conversations are automatically logged and a log link (logs.modmail.tk) is provided with each thread.

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