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GPS modules fromFastrax company

Implementation Technology in project:

What is CATSS?


CATSS is realtime GPS position tracking system. Name comes from words: “CAT Surveillance System”. The initial idea to develop this system came from one persons need to track his cat. Systems that can draw routes of mobile items have been done, but open source systems that enables realtime surveillance are rare. We will build our own mobile device from circuits. Also the web-UI through which items/devices are tracked is build from scratch (although we use some applications like Google Maps).

Project consists of two separate ‘products’

  1. Server application (CATSS Server), based on Rails. Server offers web-based view to mobile items and location in realtime.
  2. Mobile Device (CATSS Mobile). These devices can be attached to what ever. The early versions can though be a bit large (roughly the size of a mobile phone). Device will be put together from prebuild circuits. Arduino is used to programming and controlling circuits.
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