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Remote control for Somfy RTS motors
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Somfy controller

Rewritten Arduino Sketch to BigClown Core Module.

Photo of Somfy Controller

Control via MQTT

Topic: node/{node id}/somfy/s{shutter number}/cmd/{command}

  • node id - ID or alias for radio node
  • shutter number - number for roller shutter, from 1 to 5
  • command - up, stop, down, prog

Value: rolling code, you can start from number 1, every next number must be larger than the previous


mosquitto_pub -t 'node/test/somfy/s3/cmd/prog' -m 1
mosquitto_pub -t 'node/test/somfy/s3/cmd/down' -m 2
mosquitto_pub -t 'node/test/somfy/s3/cmd/stop' -m 3
mosquitto_pub -t 'node/test/somfy/s3/cmd/up' -m 4

Register new device to motor

  • Long-press the program button of your existing remote control until your blind goes up and down slightly
  • Send prog command
  • Blind goes up and down as confirmation
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