The simplest way to manage custom social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
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####Version: 1.3.3

The simplest way to handle your social media buttons. All you need is one script!

Forget loading those clunky SDKs for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This plugin loads your social media buttons in the background, unobtrusively and simultaneously. And the best part, you get to fully customise the styling.

Take a look at the demo.

How to install

Bower: bower install jquery.kyco.easyshare --save-dev

Include the minified JS file after including jQuery (preferably before the closing BODY tag).

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery.kyco.easyshare.min.js"></script>

Optionally include Font Awesome and the provided CSS in the HEAD.

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery.kyco.easyshare.css">

Now, copy the easyshare.php file to your server and remember the path. Open jquery.kyco.easyshare.min.js and replace kyco.API_PATH with the path to where you copied the file, e.g. //

Replace kyco.apiPath to make sure you connect to the API

Finally copy & paste the markup below to fire it up.

<div data-easyshare data-easyshare-url="">
  <!-- Total -->
  <button data-easyshare-button="total">
  <span data-easyshare-total-count>0</span>

  <!-- Facebook -->
  <button data-easyshare-button="facebook">
    <span class="fa fa-facebook"></span>
  <span data-easyshare-button-count="facebook">0</span>

  <!-- Google+ -->
  <button data-easyshare-button="google">
    <span class="fa fa-google-plus"></span>
  <span data-easyshare-button-count="google">0</span>

  <!-- Twitter -->
  <button data-easyshare-button="twitter" data-easyshare-tweet-text="" style="margin-right:15px;">
    <span class="fa fa-twitter"></span>

  <div data-easyshare-loader>Loading...</div>


  1. Leave data-easyshare-url empty or completely remove it to get share counts for the current URL.
  2. For twitter, use data-easyshare-tweet-text to pre-populate the tweet.
  3. In api/easyshare.php change header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *'); to header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin:'); for better security.

#####HTTP vs HTTPS:

  1. By default the plugin retrieves share counts for both HTTP and HTTPS.
  2. Increase plugin speed by explicitly setting data-easyshare-http or data-easyshare-https on the main div to force getting share counts for the specified protocol only.
  3. If your site is running HTTP then it is a good idea to add data-easyshare-http.
  4. If your site has always been running on HTTPS then add data-easyshare-https.
  5. If your site has migrated from HTTP to HTTPS then ignore or add both.


Note: Twitter has discontinued their tweet count. There is no official means of getting the tweet count and hence it has been removed from this plugin.

Note: The v1.0.2 API has been discontinued. Users of v1.0.2 will have to migrate to the latest version.

For bugs or improvements please use the issues tab or email