A recreation of the bash shell. My first C program, adorbs
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The TCKY Shell

Nov. 2011


  • Executes commands
  • Parses and interprets user input strings
  • Separate commands by semicolon (extra semicolons will be eradicated)
  • Recursive redirection (Single pipe only)
  • Good-lookin' code

Bugs + Additional Info:

  • Giving a nonexistent command before > or >> will result in the "command not found" error being printed to the file instead of to the terminal

Files & Function Headers:


char* read_line();
 	//reads the input from the commandline and returns a string that is the commandline string

 	char** separate_line(char* line);
 	//Separates each argument in line into an array of strings

 	int count_args(char* line);
 	//Returns the number of args in line by counting the number of spaces


int isRedirectSymbol(char* s);
//Return 1 if the string is a redirection symbol (checked against an array with symbols)

	int semicolonFound(char* s);     
//Returns 1 if the last character of string s is a semicolon

void remove_semicolon(char* s);
 	//turns any semicolons at the end of a string into null

 	void process(char** args, int numargs);
 	//Evaluates the user input given by <args> based on the number of args <numargs>

 	int isolate_command(char** args, int numargs, int arg_spot, char** command);
 	//Isolates the next full command in <args> and inserts it into <command>
 	//Returns the current <args_spot>, which keeps track of the current arg being read in the user input array

 	void execute(char** args);
 	//Changes directories, exits, or executes a command by searching PATH

 	void redirect(char* option, char** file);
 	//Redirects the standard stream indicated by <option> to <file>

 	void pipeline(char** args1, char** args2);
 	//Executes and redirects the output of <args1> into STDIN
 	//<args2> is only there for future implementation of multiple pipelines


 	int main()
	//puts together kycommandline and processor to create a shell