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The Real Kickstarter

A mini-Kickstarter application and CLI playground for identifying issues in current Rust ORMs and command-line parsers. Also James told me to make this. Hi James!

See documentation for a high-level library overview.

$ ksr run
> project Sensel_Control_Pad 250000.00
Added project 'Sensel_Control_Pad' with a target goal of $250,000.00.

> back Sally Sensel_Control_Pad 4773718568425957 300
Sally backed project 'Sensel_Control_Pad' for $300.00.

> list Sensel_Control_Pad
-- Sally backed for $300.00
Sensel_Control_Pad needs $249,700.00 more dollars to be successful!

> backer Sally
Sally backed project 'Sensel_Control_Pad' for $300.00
Sally has given $300.00 back to their community. Thanks Sally!


Command-line Interface

A simple CLI is provided for bootstrapping and interacting with a local copy of (the real) Kickstarter.

    ksr run     [<file>]
    ksr project <name> <amount>
    ksr back    <user> <name> <card> <amount>
    ksr list    <name>
    ksr backer  <user>
    ksr listall
    ksr (-h | --help)
    ksr (-v | --version)
    ksr (-b | --build)
    ksr (-s | --sync)

    -h --help      Show this message
    -v --version   Show version
    -s --sync      Sync generated models with db tables
    -b --build     Build tables and models from configured .sql file
    --config=<f>   The .toml configuration file [default: data/config.toml]

    project    Create a new project
    back       Back a project
    list       List all pledges towards a project
    backer     List all pledges that a backer has made
    listall    List all existing projects
    run        Streaming CLI

As a Library

The Kickstarter client library is fully compatible with Cargo, and is available as a git dependency. Just add it to your Cargo.toml:

git = ""

Getting Started


To build this project, you will need Rust 1.0+ and its package manager, Cargo. The easiest way to get the current stable release of Rust and Cargo is using rustup:

$ curl -sSf | sh

This project also uses PostgreSQL for persistent storage. Before running ksr, ensure that you have PostgreSQL setup and running.

$ sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

You can follow this guide to set up your service and user permissions.

Building ksr

Thanks to Cargo, building Rust packages is really easy!

$ git clone && cd kick-rs
$ cargo build [--release]

The ksr binary executable will be built under target/debug or target/release.

Database Setup

$ createdb <db_name> (default: kickstarter)
$ cp data/sample-config.toml data/config.toml

You'll need to change the connection string in config.toml to point to your database.

uri = "postgres://<user>:<pass>@<ip>:<port>/kickstarter"

Then build or rebuild the schema.

$ ksr --build

This will bootstrap the database and regenerate the models in src/db. Pretty cool!


The integration tests rely on a live test database defined in tests/data. Make sure that the provided database exists and that the Rust tests are running on a single-thread before executing cargo test.

$ createdb ksr-test
$ cp tests/data/sample-config.toml tests/data/config.toml
$ cargo test

Don't forget to modify config.toml to provide database credentials!


Kickstarter in mini-Rust form, using extremely young and scruffy ORMs.



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