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Team 2783 KYEOT Object Detection with Tensorflow

Also available on the Google Play Store:

This app is a modified version of the official Tensorflow Object Detection app demo which can be found here:

This has been modified to communicate with the RoboRIO based upon Team 254's code which can be found here:

The most important part of this app is the frozen inference graph which can be found under the "assets" folder. This essentially is a set of weighted values that tell Tensorflow what a Power Up cube actually is, allowing it to be recognized.

The neural network was trained using a methodology that can be found here:

If you need help or have questions about the app feel free to contact me at and I will try to help you

To do

  • Drastically reduce latency by doing things in the Firmware development header
  • Remove reference to AppContext in MultiBoxTracker (or at least reduce it). This is used far too often (every vision update) and shouldn't be. DONE
  • Optimize inference graph for lower latency. This will involve generating a new inference graph from the raw output of the neural training and then quantizing it. DONE
  • Confirm that timestamps are being applied to targets accurately. This is very important for latency compensation and I have no idea if the method I used to apply timestamps is anywhere near accurate. I hope it is but this is an important test. DONE

Firmware development

Install firmware on the Nexus 5's Hexagon DSP to accelerate neural processing drastically. See here:

Use bazel instead of CMake as app build method and import new Tensorflow libraries built with Hexagon DSP support (stock library used by cmake does not)