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=== WordPress Plugin - Install Tracker ===

Contributors: Kyght
Tags: install, distribution, usage, track, upgrade
Donate link: http://www.kyght.com/
Requires at least: 4.3
Tested up to: 4.3
License: GPL v3
License URI: www.kyght.com/gpl.txt

Tracks the distribution of your installable product. Usage statistics, Registrations and Upgrades.

== Description ==
Tracks the distribution of your installable products. The plugin provides an ajax API to accept installation registrations & usage data. Also provides a mechanism for pushing product upgrades to clients.  Custom build tags can also be used to track clients with customized products and push custom upgrades to these clients.

== Folders ==
    -  Wordpress plugin folder - can be copies directly into your "/wp-content/plugins/" directory

    - Contains plugin REST API wrapper by language